November 29, 2020

Airline Complaints – Voice Them Correctly

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Airline Complaints

Airline Complaints

Most of us would have traveled by air for any purpose. Be it for business travel, or for a job opportunity in some foreign land, or for a short meeting with a relative, or for a vacation, all we need is a trusted airline company, who can take care of us as well as our belongings, and necessities. When selecting an airline, we look for safety, security and convenience and comfort of travel.

Most airlines confidently claim that their customers are their foremost priorities, and responsibilities. But sometimes, the customers do not feel the same. Talking about any incidence before, after or during the flight, customers may encounter some inconvenience due to the airline staff, or some technical issue, or any other issue like delay during luggage reclaiming.

Most passengers on the plane, are running on a schedule, whether for business reasons or for a small window of meeting a relative. They will surely be pissed at the seemingly unnecessary delay caused by the airlines. And few would be kind enough to let the airlines know what inconvenience they faced in order to avoid such scenarios in the future. They would be kind enough write a few airline complaints for the betterment of the airlines and their travel experience.

How to compose an airline complaint?

  1. Polite Tone: The foremost priority for your complaint should be your tone. A polite speech would be preferred over a heated abuse. You would prefer to be clear, and concise with what exactly are you trying to express to them, regarding the inconvenience caused to you.
  2. The language should be professional enough so as for it to be addressable to the authorities in charge.
  3. Try to provide some kind of documentation if possible with your complaint which can add weight to your point.

It is important for you to mention every single detail of the incident of inconvenience in order for the airlines to take a deeper look and understand the cause and consequences clearly. Another advice after composing a complaint, send it directly to the airline company, and with no mediators.

When should you complain about an Airline?

Not always does your inconvenience strike them hard. For example, if you thought your seat was not as comfortable as you expected it to be, then that sort of complaint will poorly neglected and won’t be looked upon, for solution.

Thus it is advisable to compose only relevant and genuine airline complaints like delay caused you to miss out a business deal, or caused you same genuine loss, etc.

Consequences of airline complaints

One shall be prepared for some consequences regarding a complaint being filed from your side, against your host airline.

  • Airlines often look after issues which can be solved through settlements. A missed business deal that affected your life, as well as your career, etc. Then the flight may think of providing compensations.
  • In case of hotel stays or delayed stays, the airlines may provide with the overheads and extras, caused due to their issues.

In this manner your complaint will be heard, read and look upon with above mentioned consequences.

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