November 29, 2020

Avast Antivirus Free 1 Year License Key

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Avast Antivirus Free 1 Year License Key

Avast Antivirus Free 1 Year License Key

Although you can download and install Avast Antivirus trial Free download from their website but it will only protect your computer for 60 days, after that you have to register the software. But not many people know that they can download and install Avast Antivirus Home Edition Free for 1 year. Yes now you don’t have to worry about your computer protection against viruses, Trojans, malwares, spywares, hackers and evil stuff. All you have to do is to fill a short form about your self and download the software from there promotional page and install it for full one year.

This edition is a free software for all to use only for personal use. It is fully compatible with windows 7 and provides state of the art protection against bad stuff. They also have two other software solutions Avast Pro Antivirus and Avast Internet Security 2011 but both these versions are not free to download. This amazing software not only provides best security and fight against viruses but its scanning speed is also the best of all other available software’s on the internet which makes it really special and popular.

Avast Antivirus Free

What’s new?

One of the most sophisticated engine we have on internet which not only rejects virus entries but also blocks Trojans, malwares, spywares and hackers. It do this work by identifying the virus code and its malicious behavior.

Remote assistance features allows you to send your desktop control to your friend or geek any where in the world. Just install the software, start remote assistance from the main menu and call your friend by sending him the request. After he accepts the request both computers will be connected by software and your friend will take our your PC. After that he may start working n your laptop, fix the issues and you can disconnect the connection any time.

SafeZone feature disconnects your browser from your operating system in order to create a zone that will not be accessed by any bad guy. This way your PC is completely safe because if some how virus penetrate in your system than it will not harm you main operating system which means you are safe ans secure.

Sandbox is an environment which let you surf the internet virtually which means your computer IP is changed in order to bluff hackers. This way you can hid your identity completely and it can benefit you in many ways like you can surf USA websites which are banned in your country etc.

When you search and download software from internet it can be a program with some malicious code so its necessary to scan it. Some websites may warn you about the software nature from download but not all sites are dependable. So run free license keys of Avast Antivirus pro and see the magic.

Firewall let you stop unwanted stuff from entering into your laptop. Although you can buy third party firewall as well which are more effective and reliable but if you want to save money than Avast Antivirus pro Free keys is the best option for you. It also defends you case against evil stuff, secures your identity and personal data.

Anti-spam filters all the spam emails you got from unknown persons and delivers you only the best emails. Avast Antivirus pro 2012 activation code has its own spam filtration server which collects data from all the Avast community connected with cloud technology.

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