October 26, 2020

Best non rooted Android spying app – TheOneSpy

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Android spying app

Android spying app

Android smartphones are one of the most popular devices that we have ever come across in current times. Without the shadow of the doubt, these devices are important for our daily lives and 85% of the devices are of android OS.

 Nowadays people also want to spy on these devices for various reasons. So, they have to use cell phone monitoring software in order to stay updated regarding activities happens on it. Now TheOneSpy has come up with the best non-rooted android spying app that gives you an edge to use the features without rooting the target android cell phones and gadgets.

What is rooting for android: TheOnSpy don’t need it anymore

Rooting is basically a process that frees all the restrictions that are been designed by the manufacturers. Once an android cell phone device rooted then it empowers the user to perform plenty of functions and also empowers the end user to allow third applications that you cannot find on Google Play.

 But when it comes to TheOneSpy you will be able to spy on android cell phone regardless of the brand, without doing the rooting process on the target android device.  It will give you the possibility on an android that is not been rooted to get ingress to the enclave of the target cell phone to collect the information you are looking forward at the moment.

Following is the list of TheOneSpy tools that you can see in most of the spy software for Android that requires rooting, but TheOneSpy non-rooted android monitoring app has come up with exceptions because it varies between providers and it is used to of coming up with the exclusives.

TheOneSpy provides you following features without rooting android

  • End user can get the IM’s logs without rooting the target android device if you have installed cell phone spy app on the target device. You can get the logs of trendy social media apps logs such as Facebook, Yahoo, WhatsApp, Line, Viber, Snapchat and plenty of others alike. You will get the logs of social media apps likewise text messages, text conversations, audio video conversations, shared multimedia and others and all you can get it with phone spy app for android.
  • End user can easily check the call logs alongside complete date and time stamp.
  • Non rooted monitoring software for android enable user to read text messages, SMS sent received on the target device running with android OS.
  • End user will be able to get browsing activities in terms of history likewise visited websites and bookmarks.
  • You can get access to calendars, notes and reminders. You will get to know what your target device user has scheduled.
  • You can see sent received emails by using non –rooted email monitoring app and further you can get access to the multimedia stored in the gallery.
  • You can view installed apps over view and further you will be able to block messages, incoming calls and internet access.
  • You can track GPS location of the target device, location history and you can also create fence to restrict the target android cell phone user using non –rooted cell phone spy software.

How to get TheOneSpy non –rooted android surveillance software?

There is no hard and fast rule in order to get non –rooted mobile phone tracking app for Android. Simply you just need to visit the official webpage of non –rooted phone tracking app and you need to get subscription online. In response, you will be able to get a password and ID and further get access to the target device.

Once you have the access on the target android device then get started with the process of installation without rooting the target cell phone of Android OS. In addition, after you have done with the process of installation you need to activate it on the target device. Furthermore, user credentials and gets access to the electronic web portal where you can find plenty of non –rooted features to spy on android.


TheOneSpy is one and only android spy app that gives you the cunning edge to monitor social media apps logs without rooting android device.

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