[Trick] Change Windows 7 Windows Experience Index Score to (Max) 7.9

I have seen many new laptops and newer desktop machines with relatively lower Windows Experience Index score. The average Windows Experience Index score for normal computer is something like 3.0 to 4.0(out of 7.9) which i think is very low. Computer systems grow over the years and now we have some of the fastest machine’s available in the market and in our homes. One cannot understand why Windows is still showing low Windows Experience Index score for newer systems. Most of the time its your system Desktop Performance for Windows Aero which let your Score down. So you have two choices to increase your windows 7 Windows Experience Index Score. One is that you upgrade your computer with proper things and other is via Windows Trick.

When building a new computer many people try to install the latest and heaviest processor in order to make there system fast. But its not only processor that make your computer perform fast. You also have to match the Motherboard and Ram bus speed with your Processor in order to perform your processor at its full potential. Another thing which most people forgot is buying Graphics card for there system. Its very essential if you want your computer to perform at its full speed that you install latest graphics card.

Windows 7 Windows Experience Index Score

How to Change Windows 7 Windows Experience Index Score:

1. Open MY Computer from your Desktop or from Start Menu and locate the following directory. C:/Windows/Performance/WinSAT/DataStore

2. You should see many files including “Formal.Assessment (Initial).WinSAT”. Just open this file via Notepad and find the term <SystemScore>.

3. You should see some numeric value after the tag. Change this numeric value to something you like(7.2 etc) and save the file.

4. Now close the directory and return to your Windows Desktop.

5. Press Windows Key + Pause/Break key in order to see the result.

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13 Responses to “[Trick] Change Windows 7 Windows Experience Index Score to (Max) 7.9”

  1. kishore says:

    notepad is nt saving the file
    access is denied.

    • Mohsin Waheed says:

      You have to login as Administrator. Also you can copy paste that file onto your desktop and then save it and again copy it back to the default folder.

  2. Kirk says:

    Why would someone want to do this? It’s like making the speedometer in your car say that you’re going faster than you actually are. The reason the number is low is because Windows requires the system to do a lot more work to operate acceptably than older versions did (in particular, Aero, as you mentioned).

  3. kuldeep yadav says:

    but it is not open with notepad

  4. ankur says:

    any problem creat after changes.. yes or no

  5. Mr. Pam says:

    dude,its not working,i have followed all steps,but still it shows the real index

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Its 100% working Pam. You have to first copy the file “Formal.Assessment (Initial).WinSAT” from the directory to your desktop, Edit it and than again paste it into the windows folder.

  6. Peter XXRacerxx says:

    this is very silly I agree with Kirk is like putting a Dodge Viper decal on your honda civic and thinking it will be able to go 200 mph your best bet is to not worry about the score or to upgrade your hardware

  7. godfather says:

    perfect alteration…..i love your work keep it up…now i can boast of highest rating device in my possession. thanks.

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