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When it comes to the top line of Antivirus software companies and their products in the world Norton Antivirus is one of them. We have already share a free giveaways like Norton Antivirus 2012 Free for 6 Months etc. With a verity of products to choose from they are the pioneers in this industry and no doubt have largely contributed when it comes to the home and small business security. Started back in 1995 when no one have ever thought that this industry would be the ultimate and basic necessity of today they have turned around the thing for basic level consumers.

Norton AntiVirus 2012

Norton AntiVirus 2012 features:

  • Shipped with state of the art new unique layers that protect your system and makes impossible for online treats to break into your computer.
  • Its insight feature blocks all incoming traffic and checks for malicious code and from where file is coming.
  • Now you don’t have to worry about dangerous applications thanks to its Download Insight 2.0 feature which will inform you about application status.
  • If your computer hijacks than it will not perform the way it should be. That’s where this software will let you take control back on your laptop or computer.
  • Lots of home and small enterprises versions to choose from like Norton Internet security 2012 which is the best security suite available on the internet right now.
  • Its cloud based technology let you download, update your product from anywhere which means no compromise on protection.
  • When treats enters into some network its very necessary to stop them from spreading. Once again thanks to Network threat protection which blocks virus before hitting your system.
  • One of the biggest treats to online viruses is your browser through which you connect and for this Browser protection feature isolates your browser form windows making it impossible to hack your system.
  • There are lots of security loop holes in your system which makes it ideal for hackers to dig into your computer. In order to stop Cyber criminals all you need is a Vulnerability protection feature.
  • You can even control when your software updates itself and when not. Also makes sure that it never use too many system resources and hence runs smoothly.
  • You can choose from many built-in modes like Silent mode, Gaming mode which is good for running your system fast when you need the most.
  • Two in one product which not only removes viruses but also a killer for spywares and malwares.
  • When evil stuff hit you its the failure of any antivirus product, the real test and quality of any product will be to protect your system so that it will never hit by bad stuff.
  • Four layers ensures that each and every out going and incoming requests are check thoroughly. No matter what the status of the query is it will never be passed without full checking.

How to Get Free Norton AntiVirus 2012 Product Keys:

1. Click the button mention below and share this promotion with your friends on Twitter or Facebook.

2. After clicking the button you will see a pop up windows with Twitter and Facebook login buttons(if you are not signed in).

3. Now click on any website and than share this giveaway.

4. After you share the post successfully a new link will be open with Download link.

5. Click on “Start Download” button and download the software. That’s it just install the software and register it online. You don’t need to provide any key.

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  1. Brian Adams says:

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  5. Richard Adamczyk says:

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  6. Shalu Sharma says:

    Thank you for this. I am using the free version of AVG but if I can get this for free than its great. Will give it a try.

  7. Avinash King Avinash says:

    I am very glad to read this article. I think, it’s fro me.

    My Avast AntiVirus has been expired and i need a new anti virus so brother can you give me liftime key of norton or atleast 2 years key of norton or any other AntiVirus because i am very tired to update Anti Virus again and again. :)

  8. John says:

    Can you please provide me with Norton internet security or Antivirus keys so that it will be helpful for me to approve my project.

  9. thulasinathan says:

    I am Thulasinathan,working as a Network Administrator in a firm in chennai.if u provide me what keys u have then it willl be really helpfull to get a good name in this concern.this is my first job,so hope u understand and provide me with what and all keys u have to my mail id….thanking u.

  10. Maria says:

    Hey plz send my a productkey. Looked all over the internet no one gives it away. If you wanna trade I have a bunch of productkeys to Tune Up utilities.


  11. alistair says:

    Hi could you please send me a product key for norton anti virus as my two months free version is almost up.thanks

  12. Shamim says:

    Thanks for sharing,will give it try.

  13. ruchi says:

    give me abbey finder reader 9.0 key

  14. kaleemulllah says:

    plz send me the l;ink for norton antivirus or internet securaty

  15. Akansh says:

    sir please send of key too as my norton antivirus 2012 will expire in 3 days ..thanks in advance.

  16. Quoc Vuong says:

    Please send me Product Key. Thanks

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