Get Your Facebook Wall Posts Into Google Plus

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Facebook Wall Posts Into Google Plus

Although Facebook and Google are two very big rivals in social networking sites but Google is offering its Plus users ability to share there Facebook Posts or stream into Google Plus Profile. According to Google there Plus social network is more powerful than Facebook but not many people will agree with Google. That’s why perhaps […]


Make your Google+ Profile Theme Look like Facebook Theme

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facebook theme for google plus

Everybody on this earth who uses internet have Facebook account and remain stay connected with there friends and family 24/7. After seeing the so much popularity of Social networks Google has decided to jump into this field too. Google has name there social network as Google+(read as Google plus). Google has quite much success in […]


Force Windows to Shutdown in Less than 10 Seconds

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Force Windows to Shutdown

When you first install windows on your computer you notice that windows boot and shutdown in less than 10 seconds. But after some time and after installing different software’s and antiviruses it began to slow down and some time it takes more than a minute to boot or shut down. What happens that when you […]


Enable Desktop Wallpapers and Themes in Windows 7 Starter and Home Basic

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windows 7 starter screenshot of GUI Personalization Panel

It amazing that you can change wallpaper in Windows 3.1(First ever edition of windows) but not in Windows 7 Starter and Windows 7 Home Basic editions. Microsoft says that they have disable these features in order to make these versions perform better and require less resources. But i am afraid that this is not 20th […]


1 Year Free License Key of Zemana AntiLogger

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Downlod free Zemana AntiLogger

Do you shop online and want to protect your online Bank account information, Credit Card information and want to stay away from online hackers than you might need Zemana AntiLogger. So what is Zemana AntiLogger and how it works. Online hackers and bad guys always search for computer which have less security measures and are […]


1 Year Free License key of Titanium Internet Security 2011

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Titanium Internet Security 2011

We all know that Trend-Micro is a trusted and competitive Antivirus company from many years. Trend-Micro’s state of the art Titanium Internet Security 2011 free license key is revolutionize by the Smart Protection Network which is Trend-Micro cloud based security network that making it impossible for virus and online threats to break into and do […]


How to Change Windows 7 Logon Screen

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How to Change Windows 7 Logon Screen

There are many ways through which you can change Windows 7 Logon screen and insert your own picture or wallpaper of your choice. One of the best free software to change windows 7 Logon screen is Stardocks Logon Studio. This program is also available for Windows XP and you can download both software from the […]


FREE 6 Months License key of Panda Internet Security 2012

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Panda Internet Security 2012

Panda antivirus company is perhaps the pioneer antivirus company which is using cloud technology. Panda provide many antivirus solutions to its customers like Panda Antivirus pro 2012, Panda Global Protection 2012 and Panda Internet Security 2012 free license keys for Net-books. Panda provides ultimate protection to its users against all sorts of Viruses, Trojans, Spywares, […]


90 Days Free License Key of BullGuard Internet Security 12

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90 Days Free License Key of BullGuard Internet Security 12

According to Virus bulletin Company Ltd BullGuard Internet Security 12 has an Virus Detection Rate of 97.9% as compared to the Avira Internet Security 2012 which has 94.4% Virus Detection Rate and F-secure Internet Security Suite 2012 which has 93.3% Virus Detection Rate. Which means that BullGuard Internet Security 12 has a better Virus Detection […]


Free Software to Change Windows 7 Boot Screen Animation

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Its an Human nature that he or she get bore with the same routine and thing that happen again and again. You start your computer daily and your computer boots up with same old boring DOS and Windows Boot Screens. But gone are the day when you have to stick with same one boot screen. […]


McAfee Security Suite 2010 Free for 6 Months

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McAfee Security Suite 2010

When it comes to Free software Giveaways McAfee always take the lead and give you the chance to use best antivirus software Free. McAfee is again giving away McAfee Security Suite 2010 Free license keys for 6 months so you can stay away from bad stuff and enjoy safe surfing. McAfee Security Suite 2010 has […]


90 Days Free License key of ESET SMART SECURITY 5

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Eset Smart Security 5

Like many other top antivirus companies which provide free product keys of there products, Eset is giving away 90 Days free license key of ESET Smart Security 5 which is there best antivirus software ever. Its an all in one Security Suite for you to make your computer almost 100% secure. It has state of […]