October 26, 2020

Futuristic Healthcare Career Options

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Futuristic Healthcare

Futuristic Healthcare

Most people wish that they should get into a job that is futuristic and will have a great demand in the future. Here are such career options in healthcare.

If you are looking for a career that is futuristic, you are not alone. Many people want their career to be futuristic in such a way that they can secure their future. If you are particular about such a career in the healthcare industry, there are careers that will meet your goal. Our Career Expert Mr Mukesh Maheshwari at Way2College, who has helped many students in finding the right career option, suggests some of the futuristic career options in the healthcare domain to future-proof your career:

Specialist in Reconstructive Surgery 3D Printing:

Technology is revolutionising many industries and healthcare is no exception to this rule. It is true that 3D printing applications for the medical field have come a long way in the healthcare domain in foreign countries. Right from custom orthopaedic implants to organoids that are made from living cells, live cells are now used for living tattoos that are capable enough of detecting particular biomarkers in sweat. In the future, we are going to see that accident and burn victims will be provided with new skin that was grown with the help of their cells and 3D printed for use in the reconstructive surgery. It is expected that there will be a heavy demand for a new breed of 3D printing technicians, who are experts in generating tissues.

Respiratory Therapists:

The Center for Disease Control of the United States estimates that more than 15 million adults in the United States with respiratory issues are in need of licensed respiratory therapists. With the environment in every country including India worsening, you can very well understand the importance of respiratory therapists in India as well. With this qualification, you will be working with patients having respiratory issues. It is a futuristic job without any doubt as the atmosphere is worsening day after day and creating respiratory issues in humans.

Radiologic Technicians:

Radiologic Technicians and even radiologists are specialists, who can operate complex machines that make use of radiation to scan and image the human body. With more and more diseases coming up these days, radiologists are in great demand. With the increasing incidence of cancer, radiologists and radiology technicians are in great demand. It is a futuristic job that is an essential part of diagnosing diseases. Not just cancer, it is helpful in diagnosing respiratory conditions.

Virtual Hospital Manager:

Nowadays, virtual assistants are gaining importance. As more and more people these days wish to work from their home and more and more employers are looking for ways to cut down on their costs, virtual assistants are in demand. This demand will even increase in the future even in the healthcare industry. Most hospitals will look for virtual hospital managers.

In addition to these positions, there are many other positions that are futuristic in the healthcare domains. In fact, more and more new jobs will emerge in the future even though everything is turning out to be robotic these days.

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