Werner Boehm

Here’s what you need to know about Werner Boehm

Werner Boehm is a well-known name in the business sphere with more than many cases in his bag. He has been able to maintain a position for hitting the headlines every now and then and it all started back in November 2017. He is known for being a con artist and the employer of deception in the work sphere. If you haven’t heard of him, we believe that this article will provide you with enough information regarding him and his deeds.

The background

If you search for a person who wanted to build a business model out of fraudulent activities, Werner Boehm will be the first name that will pop up. Formerly, he was the CEO of a blockchain payment service known as Bitrush that traded as a public entity on the Canadian Securities Exchange. However, the con began soon and the board of directors at Bitrush had to appoint a special committee to investigate the issue. On investigation, it was found out that Mr. Boehm as the CEO deceived the shareholders due to whom a lawsuit was filed against him. He was summoned to the court and was found responsible for the actions. He maintained a close relationship with Alfred Dobias and Elfriede S who helped him in the operations.

The list of cons

Firstly, Boehm was charged with implementing deceitful tactics in the business of Bitrush that hit them very hard. Werner Boehm is also alleged of hosting and registering a large number of fraudulent companies and creating a network through his partners to operate across international borders. He hosted Mezzacap Ltd. That helped him channeling his accountancy in a disguised manner.

There are other examples of scams that led the court to find Boehm guilty of the charges. Moreover, the directors of Bitrush have alleged the former CEO of lies and lack of contempt during the time of proceeding leading him to pay a hefty fine. However, this didn’t stop at that. In the recent turn of events, they shook hands with an online blackmailer. They were releasing fake news articles on the company’s website and remanding a million euro for the groundless articles.

A source revealed that most of the men were contacted directly by Boehm on chat apps. He used to send them suggestive messages before posting the fake news on the forum or the official website. They also threatened to publish a series of such news if they are not provided with the said amount. However, the source has warned the victims not to fall in the trap and contact with legal attorneys and officers as soon as possible to keep a check on the activities.

It has also been found that they were chatting in person for the ransom and released some of the inaccurate news like Werner Boehm has called special shareholders’ meeting which the board denies as completely baseless. It seems that there a high level of cooperation between the criminal groups, Werner, and his partners. The intelligence suggests that there might be a string of other con activities that might affect the reputation of Bitrush.

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