October 26, 2020

How Mobile App Security is Important for Businesses?

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Mobile App Security

Mobile App Security

Mobile security is the process of identifying and managing the online vulnerabilities of a mobile app and manage them efficiently with the help of thorough assessments, simulation techniques, and mitigation strategies. For an online business, lacking the right type of security and risk strategy can result in their loss of revenue and disrupt them from evolving in the marketplace on par with their rivals.

Need for mobile app security for individuals and online businesses:

Cyber threats at modern times are getting more sophisticated and have now grown to be one of the lucrative industries of the century, failing the business to thrive. In order to keep up with these vulnerabilities, it is important to club the old school vulnerability identification methods with robust security validation techniques.

App Sealing is one of the premium Cyber Security companies that specializes in enhancing the security and growth of its clients. Their team of experts equipped with extensive expertise in the field ensures that their clients enjoy the highest standards of mobile app security on time and every time.

App Sealing has a comprehensive website that makes it easy for its clients to avail of their services. Their reliable team of managers and ethical hackers are some of the most promising risk consultants in this field. It is an eminent Mobile app security company in India that is empaneled with certifications.

Mobile App security:

They specialize in Dynamic application security testing, static application security testing, hybrid application security testing and mobile application security testing. Their mobile app security solutions help in protecting the apps with the help of real-time threat analytics. Their patent Mobile application protection solutions for the business helps them to protect their applications from both known and unknown threats that can extensively damage one’s brand image and result in financial losses.

The relentless commitment to quality and emphasis on innovation makes them the most preferred business partner after the very first engagement.

Importance of mobile friendly websites 

It is hence evident and clear that mobile phones are critical and possessing mobile friendly websites in business are significant. The research statistics have revealed that there is high mobile traffic when made a comparison with desktop users to browse the net. Google research has also revealed that about 61% of users opt for the mobile website to obtain information instantly. 

It is anticipated that in the coming years that there would be a 79% drastic increase in the mobile user population. Here are a few aspects that discuss the importance of mobile friendly website. 

  1. Ranking: SEO is significant as it helps visitors reach the required website. A search online provides results based on the ranking factor. As ranking factors are analysed, it is found that mobile friendly sites scored a good SEO when compared with non-mobile friendly sites. Also, mobile friendly best sites are delivered by Google while searching from mobile devices. Hence mobile friendly sites are significant for Google ranking. 
  2. Search engines monitor website designs: In 2015 Google released that there would be a boost in ranking for mobile friendly sites. As people are more involved using the internet with mobile devices, Google has shifted to a “mobile-only” indexing model by changing the present system. 
  3. Can win competitors: The reality is that about 60% of smartphone users make purchases online through mobile phones. Hence a mobile friendly website is mandatory. Also, responsive website design is one that makes your site complete. With a responsive website design, visitors are turned to customers. A mobile friendly site with responsive website design along with a good user experience enhances your business against your competitors. 
  4. Convenience: To carry out everyday tasks such as booking tickets, browsing, shopping etc. people make use of mobile devices. The key reason is for convenience and speed. With mobile friendly sites, they can get connected and gain what they need. Hence mobile friendly sites are important. 

Benefits of mobile friendly sites

Mobile friendly algorithm updates have been updated by Google that led to a rise in mobile search ranking. The search engine watch reports that mobile phones results in 55% of the complete ranking. The benefits of mobile app security are never-ending and keep growing with the elevated number of mobile web users. 

  1. Upgraded user experience: It is for the hand-held devices that mobile websites are developed. Recent research on mobile website usability has presented that user satisfaction and experience has upgraded with mobile optimised websites. 
  2. Average time on sites increased: Today everything is online and visitors spend the maximum amount of time online. With mobile devices, users find it convenient to browse on the go and while outside. With mobile friendly pages and easy navigation, there are more chances for visitors to be converted to customers. 
  3. Quick load, download speed: As time is limited, users expect fast loading and downloading with mobile devices. There would be slow loading or failure in loading with a website that isn’t mobile optimised. A mobile optimised site consists of codes that are compatible for mobile devices hence results in faster loading and downloading. Also, studies have proven that users leave the page if it takes about 6 to 10 seconds for loading. 
  4. Engagement: A mobile website is one that grabs the interest of the users quickly. They get associated with the mobile-friendly features such as mapping function and click to call etc. For ones involved in the local business should bear in mind that more visitors can get connected to business utilizing location ware technology. This links the user to the site as they are present in the immediate geographic vicinity. 
  5. Enhanced mobile SEO: When search engine optimization is considered, Google looks for responsive sites. If not Google recommends the business to develop an HTML website especially for mobile users. This is beneficial for the site to rank well in Google mobile search results. 
  6. Bounce rate decreased: There are only three seconds to seize the visitor’s attention. The user would abandon the site, when less motivated by its performance. Hence the bounce rate of the site is increased. The percentage of users who leave the site just after viewing the initial page or leave the site immediately is called a bounce rate. The site SEO is led to a negative mode with more bounce rate. With a mobile optimised website the bounce rate is decreased. 
  7. Connectivity and portability: The best advantage of a mobile website is that it can be accessed anywhere, anytime. The constant connectivity is an outstanding feature that offers extraordinary opportunity to get associated with the audience wherever they go. 


For websites and brands to survive the competition it is mandatory to offer importance to mobile users. For increased sales and more customers on the move, mobile friendly websites are significant and businesses can stay ahead of the curve.

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