September 27, 2020

How to improve blog google ranking

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How to improve blog google ranking

How to improve blog google ranking

Starting or running a blog is exciting and can be very rewarding. It is like starting your company taking control of everything. At the initial stage of your blogging, it is very difficult to get google ranking. Without proper SEO, you cannot rank your website it is the most difficult part of any blog and website. SEO helps you to get the presence in the search result. SEO will help you to improve your google ranking.

What is SEO (search engine optimisation)?

In this competitive world, lots of website are ranking on keywords and it is difficult to rank your blog. It does not matter if you are writing a quality content on your website if you are not getting the google ranking and organic traffic from search result. Here SEO plays an important role. Optimising your website or blogs post search engine friendly by putting keywords and doing on page work, so that the search engine rank you on the first page.

Tips for improve blog google ranking

  1. Content

Content is most important element in the blogs and google also consider those blog who have most relevant content according to the keywords. In the industry of the blog and website, you need a quality content to engage the visitors. If visitors giving the positive response there is a good chance to get the higher google ranking.

  1. Use keywords

Using of keywords is the main thing in the post. Google crawler will rank you according to the keywords you are providing. If your keyword is not the related what you have written in the blog. Google robot will get confuse and there is a good chance to put your post in another keyword. Ranking on the wrong keyword will increase your bounce rate and decrease your google ranking.

  1. Blog or website should be mobile friendly

Blog and website should be mobile friendly. Almost every using a mobile phone if your website or blog is not mobile friendly then user will visit your website and exit because the experience is that good for them. At that time you will see your competitors raise their bid and grab the first position. So, the position keeps fluctuate in the entire day.

  1. HTML

HTML is the body frame of your website. If you do not have enough knowledge about the HTML course, there are many courses where you can learn the coding. Coding will help you rank better in the google search engine. For better results contact digital marketing course in Delhi

  1. Website Design

Website design is another factor, which help you to improve your website ranking. Website design should be simple unique attractive and fast and make sure that the user can easily navigate one page to another. If your website design is complex, the user will be frustrated easily and quit. It will increase your bounce rate decrease website ranking.

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