November 29, 2020

How to Spy on Mac Computer with Mac Spy Software

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Mac Spy Software

Mac Spy Software

There are several software applications designed for tracking and controlling a computer device without access. The business persons and families use these applications to remotely supervise the digital behavior of work forces and children. In this article, we have discussed how you can use Mac spy software to sneak into any Mac computer.

Mac Spy Software

The computer surveillance software of TheOneSpy enables the end-user to keep track of any Mac machine. The user of the software can keep a secret eye on activities performed on Mac computers remaining anywhere in the world. You only need to physically access the targeted device for once to install the software. After successful installation and activation, the device can be monitored via online control panel of TOS. The user can also control certain functions of the device by sending remote commands through the control panel.

Monitor Kids’ Mac Computers

Parents can take advantage of the Mac tracking solution to keep an eye on digital activities of their children. They can protect their kids from wrongdoings and help them to combat cyber bullying, child predation and scams. The software keeps parents informed of online and offline activities of children and helps them to witness and capture every digital activity with screen recording and different other features.

Monitor Company-Owned Mac Machines

The business persons can keep track of performance of employees by getting company-owned computer devices monitored. They can restrict employees from getting engaged in unproductive activities by keeping an eye on their internet and computer usage. Majority of workers are found misusing the company internet for doing online shopping, watching videos and scrolling on social media. The tracking software helps to keep workers restricted from all unnecessary actions and to give their best to the company.

How Mac Surveillance Software Works

Once you install the software on targeted computer device, you can log into the web portal of TOS to monitor the device remotely. The end-user can make the targeted computer to perform certain functions such as screen recording by sending command via online portal. Given features further explain working of the tracking software.

Screen Recording

The computer monitoring software lets you detect what the target is doing on Mac machine. You can see what they are watching or typing on their computers in real-time. A command for screen recording can be sent through the online portal of the software. On receiving your remote command, the device starts screen recording for a specific time period.


The Mac tracker solution also offers screenshots to capture digital activities of the target with an interval. The remote command for screenshots can be sent via online control panel and the media can also be retrieved from the web portal.

Remote Control Camera

Do you want to see what your target is doing at the moment? You can turn on camera of his monitored Mac device to witness and capture his activities remaining anywhere in the world. The spy solution allows turning primary and secondary cameras of Mac devices to record surroundings. You can take photos and record video by remote controlling the cameras.

Remote Control MIC

The microphone of targeted Mac laptop can also be remote controlled with the help of spy on pc software. You can listen to the surrounding sounds and record conversations of the target without them knowing.

Track Browsing History

The internet usage of children and employees can be supervised with the help of tracker. It provides access to the internet browsing history of targeted device.


The software acts as keylogger and records keystrokes applied to the targeted Mac machine. It records key logs of passwords, email addresses, usernames and chats.

Website Blocking

The high-tech surveillance software allows blocking websites to restrict kids or workers from visiting unproductive or unwanted web pages. The websites can be blocked by category, URL or keywords.

Compatibility & Pricing

The Mac monitoring solutionis compatible with MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac Mini. The supported operating systems include MAC OS Leopard, Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra and Mojave. The price of the software is $40 for one-month subscription and $60 for 3-month subscription.The price is subject to change. Click here for the latest price detail of the software.

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