November 29, 2020

Splitting Your PDFs: Why Use PDFBear?

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Splitting Your PDFs

Splitting Your PDFs

Technology is always evolving, and we cannot avoid the fact that what is trending now will be replaced later or in the future. With that said, PDF files are currently the frequently used file formats by many people to send or even receive information without bumping into any trouble.  Why is PDF file popular? Because it can retain the essential details of a file when you convert other file documents to a PDF or the other way around.

Besides that, a PDF document can be easily edited if you want to add or remove something. With that statement, you might want to convert, compress, merge, especially split your PDF files to use them efficiently. And the best online tool to achieve those processes is using PDFBear because this software will provide everything you need to handle your PDF files. So here’s why you should split your PDFs using PDFBear.

Splitting a PDF File is Easy

With the split PDF pages online tool from PDFBear, you can easily divide the PDF pages and use them individually. This handy feature will help its users extract the pages into individuals or separate documents and turn them into new PDF documents. You are allowed to create new individual PDF documents from their original PDF file.

If you plan on using this tool, you will have to remember a couple of functions for splitting your data. Users can decide to split their documents into new pages or choose to extract particular pages from their original files. If you’re a newbie in splitting a PDF file, there’s nothing to worry about because straightforward instruction will be provided to you.

The Straightforward Procedure

  1. Select the document or drag it to the splitting bar of the website.
  2. Decide on the pages that you wish to split from their original document and click those pages.
  3. After selecting the pages, click and refine those pages and transform them into individual files.
  4. After the process, you can start using those individual files.

PDFBear Supports Every Platform

Because many people access PDFBear on their desktops, using this software is more convenient because anyone can access PDFBear on Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. With the help of an internet connection, you can manage your PDF files anytime and anywhere. It’s also among the reasons why many people would favor using this platform than other online tools.

Free to Use Tool

With this merging tool, you can quickly and efficiently split your PDF file without any cost at all. Using PDFBear will cost you nothing compared to other software you need to buy before using their services.

PDF Bear features The Cloud System

Suppose your concern is the safety of your PDF files. In that case, there’s nothing that you need to worry about because the system of PDFBear will automatically erase all the uploaded, edited, and downloaded PDF files after an hour in its server. This process is essential because there are times that people will try to access your documents without your permission, and PDFBear will keep your files private and confidential.

Using PDFBear won’t take even a bit of the memory capacity of your computer’s hard drive with the cloud system. It’s pretty practical because you might need to use your computer’s memory space for other essential things.


With PDFBear, people don’t have to worry about their files’ security because this software will delete everything, including uploaded, edited, and downloaded PDF files, after one hour. It is essential because it will help you keep your documents stay confidential and nonpublic.

Use this software and easily split the pages of your PDF document without any problem. This process should also be the basis for choosing the perfect PDF splitting tool for your files.

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