October 26, 2020

Top 10 stock Brokers in India

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stock Brokers

stock Brokers

With growing education among people about putting their idle money into productive use by investing in stocks rather than keeping them deposited in banks with no sufficient returns, people are more keen to know about the trading sector. For the purpose of trading, one needs a reliable broker who with his knowledge can increase the wealth of the shareholder by adopting new strategies.

While wondering for the best stock broker, one needs to consider various factors which can affect the decision of selecting an appropriate broker. The Metrics like discounting or Brokerage charges, customer services, investment and trade related education, risk sharing, financial instruments and its extent etc. should be taken care of while making your decision. Based on the above written factors, following are the top 10 stock brokers in India.

Share khan- This Brokerage firm has an experience of 16 years and also an oldest firm. It has also been ranked 2nd best broker in the category of full time brokers. It offers many trading platforms and its discounting charges vary from 0.015% to 0.1%.

ICICI- The ICICI is the leading stock broker which offer services like trading platforms, share market tips and integration. With coverage of more than 200 branches in India, this broking firm has a major drawback of high brokerage charges ranging from 0.5% to 0.75%.

Wisdom capital- This is the first online trading company which sets 3 plans of Brokerage. It aims to provide a convenient path for its clients. They don’t charge any advance payment or any other extra payment. It is quite safe to trade with them as they have a lot of experience in trading in major stock exchanges.

HDFC securities- With 15 years being in this sector, it provides you to trade with certain tips and reports. It offers 4 in 1 trading account. It charges a commission of 0.5%.

India Infoline- This firm has more presence in the northern parts of the country. It gives information, recommendations and tips to its customers about the market.

Motilal Oswal- This firm offers multiple product facilities like investment banking, institutional broking, asset management, home finance etc. There is a trading platform which let its customers to ask questions on trading issues.

Angel Broking- With heavy client base it offers various tools like real time quotes, market watch, newsfeeds etc. Trading in derivatives, commodities, mutual funds, life insurance etc can be done. It is also on best broker list.

Zerodha- This discounting company is more popular for its product innovations and digital initiatives. It provides various trading platforms and guidance on trading of shares.

5Paisa- This firm aims to offer it services at less Brokerage charges. Earlier it had been a branch of IIFL. It offers its first five trade free of cost. They also provide attractive offers to attract more and more traders.

Kotak Securities- It provides 3 in 1 trading accounts. This company has invested well in technology and also provides fine services and also competes well with other traditional brokers.

Based on the various factors, one can easily choose a broker from the above written who can give varied services at reasonable rates.

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