October 26, 2020

Top 5 stock brokers in India

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Stock Broker

Stock Broker

If you ask any person about the investment option which could generate the maximum of the returns for an investor, then the chances are that they will say the stock market. However, in order to invest in stock market, one needs to have specialized knowledge about the shares, how they operate & various other aspects related to them. But if you do not possess such knowledge, there this is the case where the services of the stock brokers comes into picture. Stock brokers, or more popularly known as share brokers in India, are the officially registered members who are authorized to perform the stock trading activities on behalf of a potential investor. Today, in this article, we are going to talk about the top 5 stock brokerage firms in India. So, without any delay, let’s get started.

Zerodha: –Zerodha was incorporated in the year 2010 and it claims to be the first and the number one discount brokerage firm in India in terms of the no. of customers and volume of the transactions. As observed on January, 2019, Zerodha has recorded 8.47 lakh clients. According to some reports, Zerodha denotes over 10 percent of the total retail trading done in a single day across the major stock exchanges viz. BSE, NSE and MCX. It has faced much competition from the other competitors in the market, but recently it has taken a lead as the largest stock broking company in India.

5paisa: – 5paisa is basically a Mumbai based discount brokerage firm and claims to be India’s second largest brokerage firm. It is a part of Indian Infoline, which is said to be India’s leading financial services company. Initially, 5paisa was following a different model as a brokerage firm. But after some time, it was re-launched in late 2016 with a new brokerage model. The parent company, Indian Infoline was incorporated in the year 1995. Indian Infoline group (IIFL) group offers a wide range of financial products and services in more than 1000 branches across the country. Moreover, it is performing very well from past many years.

Wisdom Capital: – Wisdom capital is an online discount broker, incorporated In the year 2013, which basically offers wide range of brokerage services for currency, options, commodities on BSE, NSE, NCDEX & MCX. It offers automated online investment options and broker assisted trade execution on all types of stocks in NSE and BSE. This broker also offers precious metal futures through any of its trading platforms and helps in investing in these options without bothering for nay safety concerns regarding them. Through the specialized services provided by the Wisdom capital, potential investor can trade in almost all types of metals, non-agri and agri-commodities. It has also been recommended by many of the investors in the market on the basis of the services which they have got in past. Wisdom Capital is definitely emerging as one of the leading stock brokerage firms in India.

Those were the top three stock trading firms in India, which could be approached if you want to invest in the stock/commodities market in India. These brokerage firms will definitely provide you seamless experience in trading. Moreover, they also offer lowest margin in India.

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