October 26, 2020

Valuable Tips To Choose The Ideal Domain Name For Your Website

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Tips To Choose The Ideal Domain Name

Tips To Choose The Ideal Domain Name

Choosing the ideal domain name for your website certainly requires research, agility, strategy and domain suggestion. After all, having a low cost and high demand, it is rare that your idea for a domain name is not already being used. In addition, an assertive and functional name is paramount for memorization and a good ranking on search engines.

By adopting the right tactics you can ensure the access and visibility of your site by the audience. And, throughout this post, you’ll notice that the choice of name is tied to some important aspects of digital marketing. Check out:

1. Search before making any choices

If you have a company that sells cycling equipment and you are thinking of names like “bike.com” or “bikes.org”, know that the best domains are already being used.

Unlike the registration of a company, which involves a legal process, the internet is worth the law of those who reach 1st. So it’s good to note which names are used by the competition so that you can develop something unique and that gives you the necessary prominence between the target audience and the search engines.

If you cannot link the name to the activity your business is doing, try to adopt related words. In the case of bicycles, a domain like “cycling.com” or others can be good alternatives.

2. Choose a short, simple and functional name

You can and should be creative in choosing the domain name, because even the first ideas that come to mind will probably not be available in the virtual environment.

However, do not go creating anything that is hard to find, remembered or that can cause problems with other companies with similar names.

Here are some mistakes that should be avoided:

  • Long and complicated names that few people will be able to type or remember;
  • Names involving signs such as tilde, hyphen and cedilla;
  • Combine more than 2 names in the same domain;
  • Let the combination of names sound foul or strange;
  • Put a name very similar to that of the competitor;
  • Do not beware of numbers, abbreviations and foreignisms (in “bike4u.com “, for example, not everyone will understand what you mean).

3. Be consistent with the breadth of your site

Do not buy a “.com” domain if the services offered on your site serve only local people. Incidentally, if your company operates only in a specific region, do not hesitate to enter related abbreviations such next to the main name. Try this one domain name tool to find your favorite domain.

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