January 18, 2021

6 Reasons You Should Convert HTML Pages Into PDF With GogoPDF

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Convert HTML Pages Into PDF

Convert HTML Pages Into PDF

Convert it all to PDF! You’ve heard about how to transform agreements, articles, portfolios, financial records, and much more into a PDF form. But have you ever thought of why you ought to convert your website to PDF?

There are several advantages to a PDF format. You can digitize paper records, open PDFs on any computer, set passwords, limit access to sensitive files, and more. Now, we’re going deeper into the advantages of converting HTML pages into PDF format with GogoPDF’s HTML to PDF tool.

Offline Reading and Viewing

One drawback of viewing websites is that it requires you to have access to the internet. Though Wi-Fi allows internet connectivity better nowadays, it’s not always easy to gain internet access all the time.

Often internet connection isn’t accessible when you’re taking the subway or enjoying a vacation in the woods or the mountains. Or maybe you have exceeded your monthly data limit right when you’re looking for information on how to change HTML to PDF.

GogoPDF gets the job done quickly. When converting a webpage into a PDF, you can view and read it offline like any other file. A free online PDF converter such as GogoPDF can do that fast.

Plus, just like any other EPUB or eBook file, PDF documents can be viewed on smartphones and tablets. So, even though you’re riding the metro, you can scroll through that report you find in the Pacific!

Archiving HTML Pages

PDF format is identified for its ability to archive. PDFs can be stored and shared on PCs, smartphones, or tablets while maintaining the document’s quality, layout, and content. GogoPDF can simply save that web page to your desktop or a cloud drive when you convert your webpage to PDF with just a website URL.

For students who may look online through academic articles, GogoPDF is incredibly helpful. As a PDF, your websites can be saved and accessed from anywhere.

As we mentioned above, it preserves the layout and content of documents through archiving. It’s easy for hackers to access websites and modify HTML layout and content. You’re sure your website stays the same when converted into a PDF, and GogoPDF can do that for you.

Data Compression

Sometimes, a webpage could have so many images and elements loading on your screen simultaneously. This could slow you down because of the extensive data needed to be loaded. At the same time, you could reach your data limit faster because you need to load the page more than once.

PDF offers a wide variety of image compression. You can benefit from taking a small amount of disk space on your hard drive, regardless of whether too much data is contained in a single file.

Even with compressed files, you don’t have to worry about your translated HTML documents to PDF because it still preserves your web page’s original text and templates. You can store and distribute your PDFs on any platform or operating system while keeping the text’s content, style, and consistency.


Turning your web page to PDF allows the user to change that web page. It enables you to tweak the layout or content of the PDF version. You might fancy the design of a web page and want to use it for your customized content. GogoPDF can delete text and insert your own from the converted PDF with its Edit PDF.

The ability to edit doesn’t stop there using PDF. You can modify the document’s layout, divide the web pages into different PDF files, or create a portfolio by combining those converted PDF files to another PDF file. You can even rotate PDF pages if it is needed or if you wish to do so.

Highlights and Annotations

Online articles, although, are quite challenging to interact with, are a fascinating read. Made for viewing purposes, they are also and allowed to be shared via email or social media. GogoPDF’s Edit PDF tool can quickly highlight sentences, use a range of markup methods, and add comments with your webpage in PDF format.

The analysis and annotating job on the PDF helps you place highlights, strikethroughs, and notes on the content. If you are a freelancer, this is useful for work drafts required to be submitted quickly.

If your HTML work has been translated, it can be modified using the Edit PDF tool from GogoPDF, enabling you to add or edit text, re-lay, insert photos, and add links to your newly generated PDFs.

Again, this is helpful when using websites, especially for students doing research. Users can markup the document like you would any written post, textbook, or research article. When we can interact with, share, and use it, we find the wealth of information on the internet becomes far more beneficial.

Printable and Shareable

There may be times when you need to read or view a web page that you converted into a PDF, but you cannot use your smartphone or tablet. Maybe you are nowhere near your PC at the moment, and you need to discuss some researched academic articles with a group of people.

Sometimes, it is not enough to have your web page converted for offline viewing on your device or desktop. That is why converting web pages into PDF is essential because you can view your device or desktop offline and print it.

As we all know, the PDF maintains the same appearance of texts and images of a document, no matter what device the user uses to read it. So, printing the documents would not result in a perplexing design. You’re still going to get the same outcome as it appears on the computer, so it’s easy to print!


With GogoPDF, you can save online articles ready for reading or viewing while you are commuting, remember important sentences and details by highlighting or annotating them, edit out words or content, modify the layout for your own, print research articles, and share it to your thesis group, or even as simple as saving it for future use. Try using GogoPDF when converting a web page into a PDF and see for yourself how beneficial it becomes for you.

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