January 18, 2021

All About Boosting Seasonal SEO traffic

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Boosting Seasonal SEO traffic

Boosting Seasonal SEO traffic

SEO is something that needs to be done throughout the year, more so during the holiday seasons when the sales are usually high. More than 50 percent of customers prefer to shop online for their holiday needs. Search engines are what they turn to, whether they want to buy things for themselves or get the perfect gifts for the ones they love. By optimizing your website for the season, you will be making it possible for these festive shoppers to find your website and go through all the awesome products that you have on offer.

Boosting seasonal SEO traffic may not require you to overhaul your SEO strategy completely. Making a few tweaks here and there can help you gain an edge over your competition. Here are a few steps for you to follow:

Be specific about your seasonal keywords

You may already have a list of keywords that help you drive traffic to your site; but for holidays you will need seasonal keywords. Go through Google Trends to find out what key phrases consumers are searching to make their holiday purchases. For instance, if you are selling electronics, you might want to use a keyword such as “Black Friday Flat Screen Deals” or “Christmas Free Shipping Deals” to get more traffic.

Start publishing holiday-themed blog posts

It is not just about purchasing things; many consumers use the search engines to look for holiday ideas that they can use, to get through the season.  If you want to take advantage of these search queries, you should start creating some holiday-themed blog posts. However, these should be related to your business and should help your consumers solve their problems.

Optimize your landing pages for the season

Revamping your existing landing pages is something you will have to do if you want to cut through the competition and improve your website accessibility during the holiday season. Use some of the seasonal keywords in your landing pages. Make sure you do some internal linking to your holiday-themed content. You could even change the tiles and Meta descriptions of your pages to make them holiday-specific. Don’t forget to update your images and videos.

Think of creating a holiday gift guide

A digital holiday gift guide may be wonderful way to attract some seasonal shoppers to your online store. Not only does such a guide make their purchasing easy, it also gives you an opportunity to highlight products that you have on offer. You can also think of getting your gift guide featured on other websites to get more links.

So, start planning the steps you need to take, to boost traffic in the next season. There can’t be a better way to celebrate the holiday season other than increasing your sales.

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