After the successful release of windows 7, Microsoft has some how regain its reputation and now they are working on a new operating system which will even revolution the way we use computers. Microsoft is working on a new operating system named as windows 8 and has release some of its GUI features. Microsoft says that the main difference between windows 8 and its previous versions is that it supports touch screen devices as well. Because the future is all about touch devices and even computers are going to be touch.

Omnimo is a windows 8 transform pack for windows 7 which will totally transform your windows 7 GUI into Windows 8 GUI with touch slabs. Don’t worry if you have not yet buy a touch device you can operate it with mouse and keyboard as well. What Microsoft has done is totally remove the icons and place new big and informative tiles which will really revolution the way we use windows before. Windows 8 will start in less than 10 seconds and after boot you will see tiles instead of desktop so that you can quickly start you tasks without even further wasting your time.

How to Install the windows 8 theme:

1. First you need to download Rainmeter and install it in order to install the theme.

2. Then download Omnimo theme and double click the file SETUP.rmskin to install it via Rainmeter.