If you have installed a trial version of windows 7 starter, windows 7 Basic or Windows 7 ultimate and its time to buy the windows but what if you have no money to buy new window. Microsoft will enforce you to but window otherwise you have might loose all your data and windows settings. But what if you find a way through which you can extend the trial version to 120 more days so that you can enjoy the trail version even more. Yes this is possible with a little trick to extend your windows 7 trial version to 120 more days.

1. The trick is very simple just type CMD in search box of windows start menu and right click on Command prompt appear on the top part of start menu.

2. Select “Run as Administrator” from drop down menu and click OK button.

3. Now type the command slmgr -rearm and press enter.


4. After some time you receive a message from windows that command executed successfully.

5. Now restart you computer in order to see the effect computer properties(Alt+Pause).

Note: This trick will only increase trail to 30 more days. So every time your trail period going to expire just execute this command and get more 30 days. Also you can only execute this command 4 times only which means that you can get 120 days of more trail.