We all know that windows live pack is only available to windows 7 users but we have complied all the windows live files like Windows Live PhotoGallery, Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Family Safety, Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Sign-in Assistant, Windows Live Writer and Windows Live Toolbar into one pack so that it can also be installed on windows XP. With this pack installed on your windows XP, no one could tell the difference between Windows XP and windows 7.

windows live pack for xp

Windows Live Pack for XP Features

Windows XP is the most used operating system in the world with over 100 billion copies sold and no doubt its the cheapest windows ever. But the problem with this version is that lots of bad people like hackers and cyber criminals are also targeting this which makes it really vulnerable to ordinary users. Now if you are using out dated version of windows XP and has not install some antivirus in it than you are inviting some bad people to break into your system.

This version needs updation all the time and that’s where you need some kind of software which really search automatically online and install drivers for you. You can use Uniblue Driverscanner 2013 which is very reliable as well as free to use. It will remain your XP version up to date so that hackers may not find any security loop holes in your operating system.

Now second thing you should have done it to install the latest service pack so that if your version has some security loop holes as well as missing files than it will close down all the paths for bad guys. Also it will sped up your computer due to the fact that all the missing files are now present so it don’t need to search online for the files all the time. With the introduction of Windows 7 its hard to believe that why people are still using this version but if you have not money to buy the latest version than it good option for you.

Windows Live Screenshot

windows live pack screenshot

Windows Live Pack for XP is designed to meet the requirements of this version like to update all the system core files, search for best antivirus and update its virus definitions. Now there are many best free antivirus software for 2011 but you can also use kaspersky internet security 2012 free for 6 months too. Now this will surly add some stability as well as security features in your older version and hence you can use this version for longer period of time.

In this latest addition of windows live pack new wallpapers and visual styles are included for better design. Themes include Windows Live Blue Basic and Windows Live BlueRise. This pack also includes Apple Mac like dock which resembles with windows live theme also. Windows live WOW icon pack is also included in this windows live theme pack for windows XP. Windows live tool bar, sidebar skin, Windows Live Desktop Gadgets, Windows Live Winamp skin and Windows Live Firefox Theme are also include in this theme pack.

Download Windows Live Pack for XP