Today i downloaded an E-book from internet and when i want to read it i came to know that file is in PDF  format and i have no Adobe Acrobat Reader install in my computer so i cannot read the file. This is common problem from everyone now a days with so many formats online and you have to install separate software’s for different files. So is there any solution that you install one software and this software can read all the documents, Audio/Video files, images, Compression files, Code Files, Windows System Files, Adobe Flash SWF files and Microsoft Office Files as well.

Open Freely has change the way we use computer, Now download only 30 MB of Open Freely software and view almost every file available on internet. Not only you can view files but you can edit, Print & Save all Microsoft Office Files. This means that one Program to open so many file types(Over 100 File types Supported). And of course all this super functionality will be available to you 100% free of cost.

Now next time when you have to watch Apple latest Ads which we all know that require Apple Quick Time, Read a free E-book which is in PDF format or Want to see a Flash SWF you don’t need to go to there respective websites and install the software’s. Just start Open Freely and take the world into your hands.

Download: Open Freely