This is quite shocking to know that 90% of computer viruses come from USB and only 10% come from internet. So if you protect your computer against USB viruses than your life become much more easier than ever before. AVD USB Disk Security 2012 is an excellent free utility software by AVD Soft to protect your computer from USB viruses. The best thing I like about free version of AVD Free USB Disk Security is its low size which is 1 MB and its low resource execution which makes your computer to work efficiently.

AVDSoft USB Disk Security 2012
Free USB Disk Security 1.0 software will provide maximum protection against the most threatening malicious programs trying to attack via USB drive. The best feature I like about USB Disk Security 2012 is that it provides 100% protection against any threats via USB drive so it can provide protect even offline. Like other antivirus softwares it doesn’t require daily signature updates so it runs efficiently offline too.

AVDSoft USB Disk Security 2012 Features

When USB was not invented some years ago people were to use only floppy disks or compact disks in order to carry data. But as we all know that the problem was the limited size of the disks as well as the availability of CD writers etc. But soon USB solve all the problems and all you have to do is to plug and play the driver into the USB port of your computer and transfer data easily.

We all know that if some new invention brought a good things for us than its also brings some bad things like in this case USB is the main sources of viruses due to its nature of easily write-able disks. Where as in compact disks you don’t have to worry about viruses because those were write protected and malwares cannot access the data drive.

The main reason behind spreading the viruses from Universal serial bus is the autorun file which automatically executes when ever some one plugin the drive into his or her system and its the main security risk. This is the feature embedded in windows XP which some times benefit you but it the main cause of this critical situation also.


AVDSoft USB Disk Security 2012 screenshot

To prevent your laptop or computer from this mishap all you have to is to install Free AVDSoft USB Disk Security 2012 and you can download it from the link mention below. Now when you install it it will automatically disables the auto-run feature in your windows system files and when you plug-in the drive into your laptop it will not show any thing. You have to manually open the drive using the my computer or from the browser window.

Download AVD-Soft USB Disk Security 2012

This amazing light and easy to use USB security disk software is 100% compatible with all your software’s and doesn’t use too many resources to slow down your system at all. It is compatible to windows operating system Windows 7/Vista/ 2003/ XP/2000 so you don;t have to worry about the version of your operating system. Also it will not be deactivated like other software because its free and you can use it as long as you can without paying anything.