With ever growing software’s and increasing popularity in there trail versions almost every software on internet has trail version software to try it out before buying it. This way user can be satisfied or not by the software and hence companies can improve there software’s as well. Not many people know that trial version software’s are often full fledged software and only has some additional registry files to impose trial restriction on you. But if you stop these restriction and time then you can use these trail version for life. This can be done via a free software.

Time Stopper is a free utility to remove time stamp from any software and use trial version software’s for life. For example you can stop the time limit of Internet Download Manager and use it for ever. All you have to do is to add execute file of any trial version software and set the date in the calender section of Time Stopper software and you are done.

Time Stopper: Free Utility to Use Trial Softwares for Life

How to Stop the Time Limit of any Trail version Software.

1. Download Time Stopper version 3.5 zip file given at the end of this post.

2. After unzip Right click on file Time-Stopper-3.5.exe file and select “Run as Administrator” as required by the windows to execute it properly.

3. Main interface of the software will open, just select the executable file of the trial version software and set the date before the end of trial version and click OK button.

4. Rename the shortcut, it will use to execute the program now.

Remember: Don’t start the program with old executable file or from old shortcut, it will disable the time stopper and you will not able to stop the time limit again.

Download: Time Stopper 3.5