Adwords coupon code is the advertising program from Google which is opposite to Google Adsense. Publishers know Google Adsense very well because its there way of earning money online. Where as this program is only for those people who want to advertise there website or products online via Google Search engine. If you search any keyword in Google you will find top ten results of that particular keyword plus some extra results in yellow color at the top of ten search results, these are called ads. You have to pay for these ads in order to appear in Google Search results for specific keyword. But Google from time to time also offers free 75 dollars vouchers for webmasters to try this program before they use this program.

75 dollar Google AdWords Coupon Code Voucher

What is Google Adwords

google adwords voucher codeAs said above its the advertising program so that small business enterprises as well as professionals can meet with their targeted customers. More targeted customers means more sales and hence more profit. We all use Google Adwords Coupon Code and when we are searching some thing in it we often see yellow ads above the search results and on the side of the result page. These are paid advertisements and when ever you click on it they earn profit from it. Now they don’t want to earn alone from this program that’s why they created Adsense program opposite to it so that common people can also make money from it.

What are Adwords Coupon Codes / Vouchers

google adwords voucherIf you are new customer and never try this program before than Google gives you chance to use this program Free of cost with the help of Voucher and bring traffic towards your site. Although the program is not very difficult to use but initially you may face some trouble creating your first campaign. Its necessary for you to find the right keywords and target audience otherwise you may end up losing your credit. Vouchers are only provided once so be careful to use it but if you have more than one websites and more than one Adwords promo code account than you can grab more Codes for your different accounts. After your account has no money in it than you can fund your account via Credit card.

How to Get Free 75$ Google AdWords Voucher

You can also get $75 Google Adwords free voucher if you are a new customer. Your new account should be less than 14 days old and with a billing address of USA and Canada only. Don’t worry if you not live in USA or Canada, you can use any USA or Canada billing address. You can only get one voucher per account. Google will send you free voucher within 2 hours via E-mail. You have to use the voucher amount within 14 days otherwise you lose your money. Google has the right to accept or reject your application of free voucher.

1. Open new Google Adwords account by visiting this URL.

2. Visit Google Adwords Promotional Page here and request your free trail now.

3. Google will send you a E-mail with free coupon.

4. Just enter coupon in the billing preferences and enjoy your free 75$ of free advertising.