Avira Internet Security Suite free license key is perhaps the most used Free Antivirus software on internet. Avira also have Internet security suite and Avira Antivirus Premium 2012 to offer. If you are one of those who surf internet day and night and quite often face malicious websites. In this case the only program which can protects you is Avira Internet Security Suite 2012. Its regular price is 33 dollars but Avira is giving away this state of the art software absolutely free. You can also try F-Secure Internet Security 2011 free for 1 year.
Avira Internet Security Suite 2012
The top features include in Avira Internet Security Suite 2012 serial number are regular look up for virus definitions, built-in antivirus program, built-in anti-spyware program, anti-phishing and file backup system. It also allows to monitor your child activities online. Its System Scanner option detects the latest known dangerous viruses, worms and Trojans instantly and accurately.

Avira Internet Security 2012 AntiSpam feature filters out unwanted and phishing emails. Its AntiBot feature blocks almost every hacker attempt to take control over your computer. AntiPhishing protects your computer against identity theft attacks. AntiAd/Spyware shuts out online spies and annoying pop-ups for good internet surfing experience. Rootkit feature keeps your computer safe from hidden Malware that ordinary antivirus can’t find.


It has built-in antivirus module and system scanner which not only detects viruses but also blocks hackers attacks. This is the benefit of internet security suite that it contains all the ingredients which are need for your computer protection.

Antibot features redirects all uninvited outside requests to dummy server which results in protection of your laptop. This way no body will know the location of you and hence they can be fooled easily by redirecting them to some thing which is not exist.

Now a days there are lots of complaints about phishing attacks and people don’t realize that they are on another website rather than original. Hackers create same duplicate website of the one which they want you to use and this way you enter your original username and password without knowing that you are on dummy website.

If you have experience something annoying like pop-up ads or spyware trying to access your computer than don’t worry because Avira Internet Security Suite 2012 has built-in Ad block as well as Spyware-block feature which will do its job and you surf the internet peacefully.

Another form of bad code is called as malware which ordinary antivirus don’t detect. Although these are not very dangerous but can track your digital information like username and passwords and send this information to some cyber-criminal etc. Avira blocks male-ware with the help of Rootkit Protection feature so that your digital identity will remain safe ans secure.

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Avira Internet Security Suite 2012 free

How to get Avira Internet Security 2012 Free for 6 Months

1. Go to Avira Internet Security Suite 2012 promotional Page here and fill out the form with your personal details.

2. Avira will send you an email with 6 months Free license key and Download link.

3. Download the software from the given link or from the link given at the end of this post.

4. Install the Avira Internet Security Suite 2012 and activate it via Free license key you got from Avira.

Download Avira Internet Security Suite 2012