[Trick] Convert 1GB Memory Card into 2GB

With the invention of a micro chip world become revolutionize and world became paper less. Than personal computer came into existence and everybody have this luxury at there homes. Now even your smart phones have enough memory to store all you data and this can be expanded more by memory cards. Yes memory cards are used every where and in variety of gadgets. All people like to have memory cards now a days and specially 1 GB memory card is the most common between them. Some times 1 GB memory card is not enough for all your needs and you have to buy a new one. But what if you can convert your 1 GB memory card into 2 GB in size with the help of a software.

How to convert 1 GB Memory card into 2 GB in Size:

1. First copy all your data from memory card into safe place because we are going to format it.

2. Download Free software Skymedi 2GB Fix given at the end of this post and unzip it.

3. Right click on Unzipped file and select “Run as Administrator”.

4. Now select the memory card drive from the drop down menu and click on Fix button.

5. Click on Refresh Button to see the new space of your memory card.

Note: This trick is only applicable to 1 GB memory card only.

Download: Skymedi 2GB Fix

  1. shivam says:

    it makes some errors in mamory cards. And shows the mamory is 2gb but it is not.

  2. freeze says:

    how it is possible?its impossible

  3. Sakriya Dahal says:

    Yes it is true but It makes some error in memory cards. It doesn’t save any file in memory card and doesn’t let us to create any folder in memory card.

  4. vikram says:

    HI ,
    How To Convert 2g technlogy to 3g technology
    Which Software is Required

  5. Sakriya Dahal says:

    aren’t you giving me the answer?????

  6. pradeep says:

    give the answer of vikram’s question.

  7. danilion55 says:

    how to convert 4gb usb to 16gb;) my usb is in warranty so i want to take risk

  8. Sultan says:

    my first time to comment.
    plz reply.
    this method works correctly. but only show 2gb memory .
    menory dos’nt usable 1gb data store in card instead of 2gb but show in card 2gb.
    i’ll hope u understand!
    and sorry about my ENGLISH.
    allah afiz.

  9. Trimohan mishra says:

    sir main aapse ye kehna chahata hun ki aap mujeh 4GB memory card convert to 16GB ki ek wabsite banain aap ki ati krapa hogi

  10. Nirman says:

    Sir how to generate recharge codes of airtel?which software is needed

  11. Binyameen Ansari says:

    yes i have tested 100% working method i have convert 1 gb card to 2 gb really God swear

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