Norton the pioneer in Antivirus software solutions has also won many hearts by its sophisticated and state of the art software’s. With every now and then producing products which amazed people and satisfy too. Norton offer antivirus software solution like Norton 360 version 5.0, Norton Antivirus for Mac and Norton Antivirus 2012. Norton software’s are recommended by many top IT companies and online magazines like PC Magazine and CNET. That’s why Norton also provides from time to time free antivirus software’s to its customers. This time Symantec in collaboration with ING DIRECT brings a special offer to its customers.
norton internet security


Over the years Norton produces quality products for its customers by producing some thing really advanced and fool proof. Its state of the art new features and technology makes sure that no computer left behind with viruses and spywares.

On internet its very important that one can check the destination of the file and the author of the file. This way we can judge whether or not the file is reputable or not. Microsoft uses digital signal technology to check the windows software drivers and if your software is not compatible with the system then it will not install the software.

What if Norton tells you about the application status whether or not its safe for your system. Almost 90% online viruses came with the software you download from internet. This way you can protect your system 100% and nobody will be able to hack your system.

If you are going to shop online than keep in mind that your information is not safe if you are using open browser. Try to use latest browsers like Firefox and Google chrome which comes with the latest SLL certificate in order to protect your information.

Parents always ask antivirus software products manufactures that please ship Parental control feature in it so that they can see what their children’s are doing over the internet. They can also block some of the properties like surfing internet and playing games.

Social networks are very common now a days and more often these are hacked by cyber-criminal very easy with the help of key-logging. They send you file via Facebook message system and when you accept the file request the software is going to install in the background without your permission.

When ever your computer is restart in a safe-mode you can lose all your system files so its necessary that you install Norton Internet security 2012 OEM Installer in order to protect your files.


norton internet security screenshot

norton internet security screenshots

Download 90 days Norton Internet security 2012 OEM Installer

Now you can Download Norton Internet security 2012 OEM Installer and enjoy safe web-browsing for full 90 days. The main difference between Norton Internet security 2012 and its previous version is that it doesn’t slow down your computer at all. It automatically handles the bad stuff in the background without any interruption so that you can enjoy your windows experience. Its built-in Anti-spyware system also stops bad stuff from internet so no more Trojans or spywares. You can visit the promotional page of the Norton internet security 2012 or just download the file from the link given below.

Norton Internet security 2012 Free Download