If you are a intense internet surfer then its very important for you to have a software program like McAfee SiteAdvisor Plus Free for 1 year which protects you from bad stuff and websites with malicious code on internet. It is very common that you may download any file from internet or a website with malicious code and this software or website may broke all your security and hack your browser, windows or personal data. Trojans and Malware are very common now a days and there main source is internet. So what to do in order to prevent yourself from these bad stuff. McAfee has a solution for you known as McAfee SiteAdvisor Plus free license keys which is a 20$ software program when installed in your system protects you from bad stuff.

McAfee internet security 2012 and its other products provides you with a coloring system of red, yellow and green Website safety ratings. Its secure trust-marks pass daily tests for websites and provide you secure Search-Box so that you never come across the website with malicious code in it. Its active and real time protection ensures that you do your work easily and without any interruption. It can check the safety of URL’s in your Email inbox and Instant messaging Windows as well. Now you don’t have to worry about all your Bank account details, Credit card information and personal information to be hacked by bad guys.

McAfee SiteAdvisor Plus


I don’t know if any other product available in the market provides you better security than McAfee Site-Advisor Plus serial number. Websites are growing day by day and according to a report at-least one million new websites launch daily so its nearly impossible to scan each and every website.

McAfee uses the very intelligent scanning system called as SiteAdvisor plus which is used to determine the reputation of the website. This way you don’t need to scan the whole website rather than just check its credibility and you are done.

Search with 100 percent safe mechanism which let you search only safe sites, McAfee wants that you never come face to face with the evil guys who are constantly watching for weak computers so that they can break into.

Rates websites with the help of data collected from the McAfee community. All this done based on the cloud community which also participates in the data collection and information measurement.

Most of the time when we download software it also contains from malicious code so McAfee never leaves you behind and gives you total control over your downloads.

Spam emails are just not waste of time and money but can also contains viruses so McAfee uses E-mail Link Warning system to alarm you for the email which are you going to open.

Although Social Network Protection is no the necessary feature but its a bonus for you. It will tell you about the messages which are sent by the  hackers so that you may not open them.

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How to Get McAfee SiteAdvisor Plus Free for 1 Year

1. Go to the McAfee SiteAdvisor Plus Promotional Page here and fill all your personal data with valid E-mail and click “I Agree” button.

2. On next page click on “Online Installation” button and then click on “Download” button.

3. Again Agree to the terms and Conditions.

4. After Download, install it and enjoy it for full 1 year.

Download McAfee SiteAdvisor Plus