With so many Antivirus software’s available on internet its is very difficult to choose the best Antivirus or Internet security suit on internet. Many big companies like Norton, Avast, McAfee and Bitdefender are giving away free license keys for there products for full 1 year.You can also try Norton Internet Security 2012, Avast Antivirus, Avira Internet Security Suite 2012 and Bitdefender Total Security 2012 free for full 1 year. But today we discuss about Norman Security Suite and there free promotional offer. Today maybe not many people know about Norman products but it is fact that Norman is the oldest Antivirus company in the world.
norman security suite
Norman Security Suite is very easy to use Antivirus software which will protect you against bad content, root-kits, Viruses, Trojans, Mal-wares, Spywares and other hostile activity like online banking, chatting, E-mailing, playing games or just enjoying surfing the internet. Its already Windows 8 compatible and its user-face is much more friendly than its previous versions. Its latest software algorithms allows fast execution of software which make very little use of your system and CPU resources. Like other Antivirus software it has built in Parental control, Anti-virus, Anti-spyware, smart Firewall and reverse action from malicious software’s.

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With the qualities of both antivirus and Antispyware its the world’s first all-in-one security that also contains Antispam feature as well. With the power of all these security software’s its nearly impossible for hackers to find the loop holes into your system.

Norman promises to provides the Intrusion Guard facility which let you create a security shield around your computer system files via cloud technology. Its totally isolates your computer files and if some how outsider try to hack your files than he or she will face strong wall.

Not a two-way firewall but Smart Firewall is also very compatible and secure. Its uses the IP changer technology to hide your real IP so that no one can find your computer online. This way you can really hide behind the wall and hackers will not find you and hence will be hack your laptop.

If you visit websites very frequently than you need a Anti-phishing software to check the URL of all websites. Its collects the data from all around the Norman community and utilities it to perfect situation.

Parents don’t need to worry about their children’s now because its Parental control feature which let you see your kids online activity and what they are doing online. You can also control the programs like Gaming, software’s, internet surfing and learning abilities so that you can secure your kids future.

When ever your system will crash its uses the online backup to restore your system with in few seconds by restating your computer in a safe mode. You don’t need to worry about the system crash any more because your files and folders are placed online with free 5GB online storage.


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How to Get Norman Security Suite 1 Year Free License Key

1. Go to Norman Security Suite Promotional Page here and fill the form with your real personal details carefully.

2. You have to enter the PCP-NSS12-DE as the OEM code in the last box and click Submit Form button.

3. You will receive an E-mail from Norman containing your Free 1 year License key.

Download Norman Security Suite 32Bit Version