Panda antivirus company is perhaps the pioneer antivirus company which is using cloud technology. Panda provide many antivirus solutions to its customers like Panda Antivirus pro 2012, Panda Global Protection 2012 and Panda Internet Security 2012 free license keys for Net-books. Panda provides ultimate protection to its users against all sorts of Viruses, Trojans, Spywares, Malwares and Hackers. Panda Internet Security 2012 has introduced the power of cloud computing. This is because of Collective Intelligence technology contributed by its precious customers from many years. Thousands or perhaps Millions of Panda Antivirus customers daily share virus related information which results in automatically improving system protection around all connected computers via cloud.

Panda Internet Security 2012

According to AV-Comparatives Panda Internet Security 2012 is the fastest paid internet security software available on earth. There tests also suggests that Panda Internet Security 2012 outperforms its competitors paid products in virus detection rate and your system scan speed. The best feature i like most about Panda Internet Security 2012 is its internet based information system called Panda Collective Intelligence which uniquely optimizes your computer performance with low resources and hence you enjoy faster windows experience. Its main features include Antivirus software, Smart Firewall, Anti-Spam, Identity Protect, Gaming mode, Backup copies, Safe browsing plus and Remote access to your computer from any where in the world.


Panda Internet Security 2012 screenshot

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How many of you have heard about the all-in-one antivirus suite which can perform all the security related operations for you in the price of one software. Panda always remain ahead when it comes to the budget products due to their wast infrastructure and customers.

Not many people know that Panda always rely on Cloud computing which is a community based on their customers. Now when ever a new threat comes into the network all other computers in this network are being closed for a while so that it may not damage the other systems.

If you want free personal firewall other than regular antivirus program than just buy Panda Internet Security 2012 serial number and grab the firewall for free. You don’t need to buy extra third party or high quality software for you because it will do the job for you.

Anti-spam filter will stay away all the unwanted, ugly, fake, fraud and phishing emails from you and you enjoy your life. These emails can irritate you due to the fact that now a days we receive more fake emails than original email.

Now for the first time in any antivirus product you will also see Home Network Manager feature which will allow you to check all your home computers via webcam. You can check all your home laptops from anywhere in the world.

USB viruses are very dangerous and often crashes your system so its necessary for you to tackle with these malwares. Panda USB Vaccine feature allows you to scan the universal serial bus before it can activate the virus.

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