It amazing that you can change wallpaper in Windows 3.1(First ever edition of windows) but not in Windows 7 Starter and Windows 7 Home Basic editions. Microsoft says that they have disable these features in order to make these versions perform better and require less resources. But i am afraid that this is not 20th century when computers were very slow and you have to save every bit of it in order to run it smoothly. Now computer processors have dual cores in it, more cache and with faster graphics it in very surprising that Microsoft has said this. But good news is that you can enable Desktop wallpapers in Windows 7 Starter and Windows 7 Home Basic very easily with the help of a tiny utility called GUI Personalization Panel.
windows 7 starter screenshot of GUI Personalization Panel
Personalization Panel is a Free software which allows you to first enable desktop wallpapers in windows 7 starter and Home basic and than change from variety of wallpapers or choose you own wallpaper. But this is not enough, this utility also enables windows Aero themes so that you can change theme which you like most and change the color of theme too. Other features include changing desktop icons, Mouse cursors, screen savers and windows sounds as well.

How can I change Desktop wallpaper and Windows Theme color

1. Download GUI Personalization Panel from the link given at the end of this post, Unzip it and install it with administrator rights.

2. Once installed open it via start menu list and it will ask for permission.

3. Click Yes to give the permission and main interface will open.

4. Now click on Desktop Background link and a new dialog box will appear.

5. Click Browse button and select the wallpaper you want to display.

6. Click OK button and your new wallpaper will be displayed.

7. Also you can change Windows themes color by clicking on Windows Color link and then choose from the variety of colors.

Download GUI Personalization Panel