When you first install windows on your computer you notice that windows boot and shutdown in less than 10 seconds. But after some time and after installing different software’s and antiviruses it began to slow down and some time it takes more than a minute to boot or shut down. What happens that when you install software’s they make changes into your windows registry like load software’s at boot time etc. Same is the case with windows shutdown, Windows always wait for running programs to kill themselves for specific time. This approach can take your computer shutdown time to go over one minute which is of course very annoying. But today i am going to tell you a very unique computer tips and tricks and with the help of some registry commands you can force windows to shutdown in less than 10 seconds.

Force Windows to Shutdown
How to make Windows Shutdown Faster:

1. First click on windows Start button and than type RegEdit in Run command box.

2. Now find this registry key. HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Control Panel/Desktop

3. When you find the key, simply Right click on right side of the Editor and select New String Value.

4. Rename the new key value to HungAppTimeOut and hit enter.

5. Double click on newly created key entry and enter 1000 which is equal to 10 seconds.

6. Close the Registry Editor and reboot your system to check the new faster shutdown.