Everybody on this earth who uses internet have Facebook account and remain stay connected with there friends and family 24/7. After seeing the so much popularity of Social networks Google has decided to jump into this field too. Google has name there social network as Google+(read as Google plus). Google has quite much success in this field also but for those who use Facebook for quite a long time are not easy or just say quite familiar with the new interface of Google Plus. So to make the user interface of Google Plus much like Facebook a guy from Brazil name Fabio Giolito has made a Facebook theme for Google Plus so you don’t have to adjust to the new interface of Plus.
facebook theme for google plus
How to install Facebook Theme for Google+

1. First you have to install the add-on for Firefox/Chrome from here and for Internet-Explorer/Opera you have to install the script.

2. After installing the Add-on restart your browser in order to activate the add-on.

3. Again visit the theme website and this time install the Facebook Theme.

4. Now Restart the browser and enjoy your new Facebook Theme for Google Plus.