Although Facebook and Google are two very big rivals in social networking sites but Google is offering its Plus users ability to share there Facebook Posts or stream into Google Plus Profile. According to Google there Plus social network is more powerful than Facebook but not many people will agree with Google. That’s why perhaps Google is giving its Plus users an option to bring there Facebook streams into there Google Plus accounts. On the other hand Facebook has answered positively in response to Google’s new feature. Facebook has launched Video Calling feature with the help of Skype which makes Facebook far more better than Google Plus.
Facebook Wall Posts Into Google Plus
If you are an addictive user of Facebook but at the same time want to try Google plus as well than you don’t have to open both account at the same time. Just allow Plus to access you Facebook streams and see them on your Plus account. And this is not enough, you can also update your status and can view your whole Facebook wall posts inside Google Plus without even having to signing into your Facebook account. I think this way Google deliberately want that people use Google Plus instead of Facebook but at the same time they also not stay away from Facebook.

So how it will work, well you have to install a browser extension named as Google+ Facebook. At this time this extension is only applicable to Firefox and Google Chrome and sooner or later it will be available for Internet Explorer too. So go to the browser extension page given at the end of the page and click on big red Google+ Facebook button. It will ask for the permission just click yea and allow the extension to be installed. When installed it will ask for browser restart. Just restart your browser and enjoy Facebook posts inside you Google Plus profile.

Download: Google+ Facebook Extension