How to Select All Facebook Friends in a Single Click

Some time ago it was very easy for some one to like any Facebook page and send it to three all friends in just one click. This was very good for promoting the pages and generate good traffic for your websites. But than Facebook disable this feature and only give right to Page administrators that they send page invites to there friends. But again some people misuse this facility and now Facebook has permanently disable the invite page feature and you can only select friends one by one. So today if you want to select multiple people in invite friends box than you have to select them with the help of browser extension.

Selecting multiple and infect all friends in invite friends box is very easy with the help of browser extension. Unfortunately these extension’s are only available for Firefox and Google Chrome browsers so if you don’t have these browsers install in your system, then first you have to install these browsers. Now install Firefox and Chrome extensions from the link given at the end of this post and visit the Facebook page you want to promote. Click on invite friends link from that page and new window will open. Simply click Select All button which will appear at the top of the Page and all friends will be selected. Now click send invitations and Facebook will send invitations to all your friends. For Firefox you also have to install GreaseMonkey in order to install this extension.

Download: Google Chrome Extension

Download: Mozilla Fire-Fox Extension

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