Adsense is an advertising program from Google which has revolutionize the internet and now people are earning thousands of dollars just from there blogs or website working from home and enjoying there lives. The best part about Google Adsense is that its like an auto pilot business. You have to run it initially and slowly but surely it begins to expand. After that you just have to update your blog or website and monitor your Adsense account. After some time your work load turns into gold and you earn decent amount of money just for working one to two hours daily. But the big problem with newbies is this that they are not taking Google Adsense seriously and treat it as part time job. This is absolutely wrong way to handle Adsense and that’s why 90% publishers are not able to earn decent amount of money from Adsense. In order to earn money fast from Google Adsense, many people have end up with disable Adsense account. Today i am going to tell you the 10 great tips that may prevent your Adsense account from disabling.
prevent Google Adsense Account From Blocking
1. Never discuss PTC(paid to click) websites on your blog or website because Google hate PTC websites.

2. Don’t put Adsense links unit under your blog or website menu. Same is the case with your images. Do not put Adsense ads unit close to your website images.

3. Never try to click on your own ads. Don’t ask your friends and Family members to click on your Adsense ads.

4. Your blog or website should have at least 70% search traffic. If your website traffic is mainly coming from other sources like Facebook then there is a chance that Google might ban your account.

5. No matter what the situation is always put unique content on your website. Google hates spam and crappy websites.

6. Do not copy paste images. If you want to put images into your website then make sure you customize them and then put proper alt tags.

7. Never put Google Adsense ads on pages like About me, Contact us, Form filling, Archives, pages that contain only image or wallpaper etc.

8. Always choose unique blog or website niche because if you choose niche like technology Google will not inspire by your blog content because there are millions of blogs on internet related to this topic.

9. Never try black hat Search Engine Optimization. Black Hat SEO works quickly but eventually Google will find and mark your website as spam.

10. Never exchange links with other websites specially non related websites.