In year 2011 Panda has already announced many Free Antivirus promotions like Panda Antivirus 2012 Free for 3 months and Panda Internet Security 2012 Free for 6 months. This time they are offering the No.1 Cloud Antivirus on internet named as Panda Cloud Antivirus Pro free license keys. Panda Antivirus company is not new to this world infect its the one of the pioneers in this industry and also uses state of the art Cloud technology for all its products. That is why there software are rated very high by both customer and high tech companies around the world.

Panda Antivirus Pro 2012

Why Cloud Antivirus?

Cloud technology is basically a collection of different components which are combined in order to enhance and improve the performance of any system. So why it is used in Antivirus software industry. The best and main feature of cloud technology is that it uses very low resources due to its structure and multiple resources. Its so light that you might not feel it running in the background.

Another great feature of this technology is that it is very easy to use and secure than any other antivirus software available in the market today because it uses its Collective Intelligence which is a community of more than million Panda users to collect information and hence produce software which results in extra ordinary experience for everyone.

Panda Cloud Antivirus Pro serial number code is not only recommended by its users but also it is recommended by various tech giants of the internet like PC world, Intel Software partner, Av-Enterprises, ICSA labs and AVTEST. According to Antivirus comparative review free keys of Panda Cloud Antivirus Pro activation code is the fastest in both detection rate and scan speed from paid antivirus software’s.

This is the only software in the world which uses Ground-breaking defense model based on two key parts. First is that it is Programmed in a way so that it can provide immediate file discovery and categorization from the cloud. Second that it is an ultra-thin client which makes it ideal for home PC users. Main thing demand people from antivirus companies is there software speed because it makes there system so slow that they either have to uninstall it or replace with other option.

Main Features

All-in-one software – Not only its a solution to many problems but it will also provide you instant guard against all types of Hackers and viruses. You don’t need any other software after buying this amazing beast and which means that full peace of mind.

Collective Intelligence – The main difference between the software’s of past and today is the cloud technology which really defends you from new emerging threats. All this works in a very unique way via community which is based on all the paid customers of Panda who are in millions of numbers.

Virtual Keyboard – Key logging is very easy way to hack some one’s password by monitoring the keys press on the enemies keyboard. When ever a user presses the keys on his system the software records all the activity and saves this is a notepad file known as cookie. This file than can be accessed via FTP method and anyone can see it.

Personal Firewall – Firewall are one of the major improvements antivirus software’s have over the years. Firewall works separately from your antivirus software and acts like a shield in your system against bad guys. Now they are also aware of these programs so they try to fool the system via IP changer software.

Panda USB Vaccine – Universal serial bus contains file and important data of your and this data can be rewritten so that you can change your files in future too. But this is the biggest problem with them anybody can rewrite data on USB and change the file permissions as well. This way they can activate the auto executable file which than runs automatically upon inserting in any system.

Panda Safe Browser РSandboxing allows you to surf the internet anonymously without being seen on web. This trick is very awesome and works by hiding your computer Lan card IP address and change it to some thing dummy which really never exists. This way hackers can thought that you exist in some other country while you are in some other place.

Live up-to-the-minute updates – Transparent upgrades of software and virus definitions makes you feel safe & secure. If your software is too old and don’t even have the power to identify the latest threats than you are wasting your money.

Panda SafeCD – Apart from all the precautions you need to be ready for the time when your system is crashed and you have no data backup. This is the worst condition in which you can do nothing about it. But thanks Panda they have this amazing feature which let you restart your laptop in safe mode and you can than scan your computer for error and even recover the lost data.

Tech Support via email and Web – Not many companies will provide you full technical support and that too 24/7. Panda has always delivered the quality service which users appreciate and share their experience with their friends. This way this is like a community in which every body supports each other.

SOS Virus – This service is first of its kind and you will never see this in other antivirus products. Actually this is a service in which Panda engineers are notified for the new emerging threat and this way they can immediately tackle with it so that it may not harm you.

Tech Support Forum – URL Address and internet content checking of malicious and phishing sites. Behavioral examination of processes present in system. Instant USB immunization to safeguard your system from auto-run viruses.

How to get Panda Cloud Antivirus Pro Free for 6 Months:

1. Visit the Panda Cloud Antivirus Pro giveaway promo Facebook Fan-page from the link mention at the end of this post.

2. This promotion is specially for Facebook Users so you have to Like the page in order to download the software free.

3. After that Download button should appear. Simply click on that button to Download the software.

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