This is not the first time Panda is announcing Special giveaway infect they are already giving away free Panda Antivirus Pro 2012 and Panda Cloud Antivirus pro 2012 free license keys. This time they have gone mad and giving away Panda Internet Security 2012 serial key for full 1 Year absolutely free of cost. It means that next full year you forgot about viruses and surf online without any fear. Also you will save 60 dollars of worth money from this promotion.

Panda is one of the most reliable and authentic antivirus companies present in this world. The best thing they are offering you is their cloud technology which they use in all there products. There are many companies in the internet world providing antivirus solutions which include Kaspersky, Norton, Avira, Avast, Macfee etc. But Panda has this label of doing some thing extra every-time they come up with any solution.

giveaway panda internet security 2012

Panda Internet Security 2012 Features

One of the greatest advantage of getting Panda Internet Security 2012 is its lightness and uses very low system resource as compared to the other heavy and bulky antivirus solutions. What makes it so light and user friendly is its cloud technology. This technology is made possible by millions of Panda users worldwide. Every time you use a Panda product its collects all the system information and resources so that it will be collected in order to produce better results.

What happens by doing this all activity is that a genius product came up and rock the world. Its the little things that make the difference like Panda USB Vaccine which makes it impossible for viruses to attack from USB devices which are obviously the most dangerous when it comes to spreading viruses. Another option is Virtual Keyboard which protects you from key loggers so that you will never come face to face with robbers and make your money safe and secure.

With Panda Home Network Manager you can very easily and efficiently monitor all your home devices, computers and even mobile phones. With the ever growing Mobile Phones with faster processors, Increasing ram and bigger operating system its also very easier for hackers to find loop holes in these mobile phone operating systems. So its very necessary to use Panda Home Network Manager facility to guard all your family devices and systems.

Panda Internet Security 2012 for 1 Year.

1. First of all this offer is in Spanish language so either you have to learn Spanish or you can Install Google Chrome. You can also use Google Translate feature in order to translate the page in your native language.

2. Go to the page Panda Promotion for Spain which is sponsored by Allianz company.

3. Now Download both Panda software’s by clicking on “Descargar Gratis” button(Blue and Green).

4. Copy the license codes given below the Descargar Gratis button and activate your software after installing on your system.

5. Both software’s are free for 6 months which means total 1 year protection. Just install one software now and after 6 months uninstall it and install second software to enjoy full 1 year protection.