Today i am going to share with you the top secrets of how to build quality back-links to your blog quickly and naturally. First i tell you about my blog that my blog got Google Page Rank 2 in less than 2 months. So read this article carefully and do what i do to build back-links for this blog. Its a dream of every blogger that his or her blog will get popular within months or even days but we have to realize that we are not the only one in this world and approximately 1 million new websites uploaded daily. So definitely it will take some time to appear your blog in the Horizons of beautiful internet world.

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1. Write Quality and Pillar Articles Initially.

Believe it or not if you write at-least 10 beautiful, quality and Pillar articles than Google will love to index your website and gave your blog at-least Page Rank 2 on next Google Page Rank update. This is my guarantee to you. But again articles have to be detailed and minimum of 500 words each(1000 words would be great). Gone are the days when we used to write 200-300 words article and Google was happy with our efforts. Now after Google Panda Update its very necessary that your articles must satisfy both users and search engines bots as well.

Now you must be wondering what the hell is Pillar article. As the name suggests Pillar articles are one that supports your blog’s building structure and eventually bring free traffic to your blog/website. A pillar article should be unique, contain quality content, interesting for users, based on questions an answers and last but not least should contain 1000 words or more. These are the articles people love and like to share with other friends and family members. This way your blog will get popular and hence get more traffic.

2. Wait at least one month.

Newbie bloggers and webmaster always try to create back-links for their blogs instantly after creating their blog. This is very wrong attitude and search engines quickly realize this thing. One thing keep in mind that build back links for your blog in natural way. If you create too many back links for your blog in first months than it totally looks spammy. So after creating your blog just give your 100% to only quality content and nothing else for at-least one month. After that try to build back-links in natural way.

3. Get 20 One Way back-links instantly.

No many people know that when they check stats of their blogs or website via some sort of online website than they actually earn one way backlink for their blog or website. What happens is when we check stats of our blog via free online services like or they create a special page for our blog which contains different stats of our blog and back link to our blog. This is very easy, fast and free way to quickly start building one-way quality back-links for your blog. Simply enter your blog address in the URL box of these website given below and click check button to generate stats page.

4. Commenting on other Blogs.

This is another great, fast, easy and free way to get quality one-way back-links to your blog. But before doing this make sure that your blog has enough material so that when you leave a comment on other blog its natural that he or she will visit your blog in return. That way you also get more visitors and backlink as well. But be careful comments must be related to the blog niche and must contain at-least 30 words or more. Also create free account on and upload your original photo so that when ever you leave comment with your e-mail address, your picture will be visible in the comments box. Its very necessary to attract more people towards your blog. So start commenting on other blogs today by simply leaving comment on this page.

5. Social Networking Websites.

Social networking websites are great for both bringing free traffic and quality one-way back link to your blog. I have seen many blog which totally runs on social networking websites traffic. Now you can find thousand of these website but you dont have to signup on each website. Just open free account on some of the most popular given below ans start sharing your article on these websites. Remember consistency and interesting material is the key here. Initially you may not get traffic from these sources but patience is the key to success in online business.

6. Join Forums

Forums are another great way to bring targeted traffic and one way back link by placing your blog address in the signature part of your profile. Again easy and free to join but make sure that you join only forums related to your blogs niche other wise you may not get targeted traffic as well as search engines may not gave credit to these links. Don’t just join forums and start spamming in the forum. Make sure you read the rules and regulations and start answering some of the questions posted by other forum users. After you gain some popularity in the forum then use your blog link in your signature as well as in the posts. Here is a list of 500 DoFollow Page Rank 5-9 forums list.[link]

7. Submit your blog to link directories.

Link directories are the main source of driving free traffic on internet after search engines. People try to find quality and interesting websites via these link directories so make sure that your blog must be in the top ranking link directories. Most famous ones are Yahoo Directory and Dmoz directory. May be both these website reject your application straight away but they also have accept paid submission as well so increase your application is rejected you can still list your blog in these link directories by paying them yearly. You may lost some money but its worth your money. You will get both traffic and respect of search engines as well.

8. Submit your articles to article directories.

Last three to four years there has being enormous amount of trend towards article directory submission websites like, or One of the biggest advantage article directories has as compare to the other one way back link procedures is the quality of these links. Search engines respect these websites and can give importance to your blog as well. Rules are simple just write a 500 words unique article related to your niche and submit it to the article directory website. They will review your article and if found according to there terms and service they will publish it on there website with back link to your blog.

9. Link Exchange with other blogs.

This is also a very common and old way to get back-link to your blog but in return you also have to link back. So before doing Link exchange with other website its necessary to build one way back links to your blog so that when you start exchanging links with other blogs you will not lose your page rank. Its very necessary that your blog has more incoming links as compared to the outgoing Dofollow links.

10. Giveaway some free product like Theme.

This is also a proven method and can give you link back quickly. For this to work you have to giveaway some free theme, counters for blogs or some thing interesting which people like to share and hence give link back to your site. You can customize the code in a way so that when ever some one uses your theme or counter service your blog link will automatically be placed in the provide code/theme.

Other Link back sources

You can also get quick back-links to your blog by creating a profile on Facebook, Channel on YouTube, Twitter account, account, account, Free webhosting services like and last but not least profile account).