Its a true fact that when ever we connect any computer to the internet it takes only five minutes to be infected or search by viruses, Trojans and hackers. You are wondering why this is happen so quickly and the fact is that hackers try to find the vulnerable systems 24/7/365 and there automated computer software’s will eventually locate the weak door into your system and after that you know what they can do. So antivirus software’s like kaspersky internet security 2012 and Panda internet security 2012 are very necessary in order to protect your computer from this evil stuff. But some times these software’s will not handle the situation or make your system unresponsive. In this situation you can do nothing and in the end you may lost your precious data.

So be prepare and safe your system settings as well as your data so that you never lose them. For this you will need to install Wondershare Time Freeze 2 which is available to download in only 39 dollars. But wait this website is all about free stuff so you never have to pay for any thing we share here. Wondershare is giving away its premium software Wondershare Time Freeze 2 to the readers of Mio Computer/Computer Magazine. So all you have to do is to enter your e-mail in the promotional page and confirm your e-mail in order to receive free license key.

giveaway Wondershare Time Freeze 2
What is Wondershare Time Freeze 2

As i said earlier Wondershare Time Freeze 2 is a very easy and effective system restore utility to keep your computer secure and defend it against unnecessary changes that may happen due to viruses, Trojans or by the hackers. The way it works is just amazing, it puts the real computer settings under shield and creates a new atmosphere for your computer partition so that real partition will be hide from the bad stuff and new layer is visible on which you install programs and surf the web. This protection is very high level protection which contains Master Boot Record protection so that your system will always boot properly.

How it works

Basically Wondershare Time Freeze 2 will create backup of all your present settings including windows settings and software settings and creates a virtual system on which you will work and run applications. When ever you computer will harm by any settings or bad stuff simply restart your system and continue your work. This makes our lives so easy and comfortable and save lots of precious time and headache. The software is very user friendly and you can very easily switch between your real system and virtual system settings. It also provide various folder protection modes and Clean up computer history.

Wondershare Time Freeze 2 Features

1. Virtual computer protects actual system and privacy.
2. Simply restart to restore your computer.
3. Real time computer safeguard.
4. Ability to wash out system history.
5. New Advanced running Memory Buffer Mode.
6. Virtual computer performance increased by 70 percent.
7. Increases service life of your computer hard-disk.
8. Protection against USB threats.
9. Folder Protection.
10. System Access Protection.

How to get Wondershare Time Freeze 2 Free.

1. Go to the Wondershare Time Freeze 2 giveaway promotional page here.[link]

2. You have to provide your personal details like your name and valid E-mail address.

3. After that Wondershare will send an E-mail to you which contains your Free Registration key-code.

4. Download the software from the link given at the end of this article.

5. Install the software and enter key code in the activation box to activate the software.

Download Wondershare Time Freeze 2