In case you are not aware Google has already launched its new service for bloggers Google Plus Pages which are very much like Facebook website Pages. Looks like Google wants to rule the internet world by introducing each and every service which they can offer specially services that are offered by their biggest rival Facebook. Few months ago they jumped into the social networking world by introducing Google Plus and now they have introduced Google Plus Pages for webmasters. Also they have introduced features like Google hangout, Google plus direct connect and page followers back feature.

After creating page for your brand you can share everything including posts, pictures, videos and your thoughts too. With Google pages you can start real face-to-face conversations with the help of Hangouts. Now you dont have to share each and every thing with all your customers. Simply create circles to share the right message with the particular person. Its just so fun and easy with Google Plus Pages and its very similar to your Google Plus profile. So feel free to add our blog into your circles.

Create Google Plus Page

Steps involve in creating Google Plus Page.

1. First login with your Gmail Username and Password.

2. Now go to this page to create your own Google Plus Page.[link]

How to Create Google Plus Page for your Blog

3. Now there are five main categories, if you have a blog or website than click on Product or Brand and than choose Website from the drop down menu.

How to Create Google Plus Page for your website

4. Give other details like Page Name, blog name, accept for the page terms and click Create button.

5. On next page Enter details about your blog/website and upload logo of your blog.

How to Create Google Plus Pages

6. Next page will give you the option of sharing your newly created page. Share it with your followers and ask them to like the page.

create Google+ Page for your Blog

7. Congratulations you have successfully created Google Plus Page for your blog.

8. Now go to this page and enter your Google Plus Page ID in the box.[link]

create Google + Page

9. After that select the Badge type you want to show on your blog.

10. Copy the code from the box at the end of this page and paste it into your blog(code contains two parts). Copy paste Java Script code into the header section of your blog and last line into the page where you want to appear the Google Plus Page.