Many people on internet specially newbie internet users start their own blog or website on Free webhosting providers like, or Yes i know that not everyone have money in their pocket’s to invest initially and that’s why people prefer free webhosting but the biggest problem with Free webhosting is that after 1 year your free website will be closed by the provider and you will lose all your efforts. This is my personal experience and after some time i realize that Free webhosting is not the way to become successful in internet business. We have to take it seriously and find some way to earn money and invest that money in this business.

one dollar webhosting domain

But what if i tell you how you can start your own website in just 1 dollar. Don’t’ believe on me. Let me explain how is it possible. First of all read this article of how you can get Top level domain from Godaddy in just 1 dollar. After you have your own top level domain you have to set the DNS to map it on free Webhosting service provider like You can do it manually but not all bloggers are Technology experts so here is another great tool created by Godaddy which will enable you to set DNS of your newly created domain in just few clicks.

Godaddy DNS Changer Tool

Godaddy has just recently announced a new tool for blogger platform users known as Godaddy DNS Changer Tool. For this you need your own Top level domain purchased from Godaddy and a blogger blog. Now follow the steps mention below and within few minutes you own top level domain will be setup and ready to go.

How to setup Top level Domain with Blogger

1. Go to Godaddy DNS Changer Tool webpage and login using your account details.

2. Just enter the domain name you have already purchased from Godaddy and click confirm button.

godaddy blogger tool

3. Now sign-in to your blogger account via your G-mail username and password and click on Settings Tab.

4. In Settings tab find Publishing link -> Custom Domain -> Switch to advanced settings and you will see page like this.

how to map top level domain in blogger

5. Simply enter your Top level domain name which you want to redirect to your blogger blog and click save button.

That’s it you have successfully created your own top level domain in just 1 dollar. Its so easy that even a 10 years old child can do this. Please note that it may take some time for this to work so be patient.