If you want to Earn money online in Pakistan without Investment than I have a few options for you through which you can generate some basic income as well as handsome amount of money too if you use your brain wisely. There are few hardly in between all this like Payment processors, Lack of advertisements in Pakistan and on top of that fraud schemes which really disappoint people who want to like better life. But like all other fields of this world you need some time and brain in order to succeed.

So I want to tell you only those programs which are free so there is no involvement involved which means zero risk. Also one thing you should keep in mind that PayPal is still not officially supporting Pakistan so you have to get it with some alternate method mention below. It will take some time but trust me it will pay you the results you want.

earn money in pakistan free

There are lots of websites where you can get free online jobs in Pakistan but finding these sites is very difficult so I have created another site for you where all these websites are collected for you so that you can easily find and join programs. All websites are legit and paying so you can join without any fear.

Free Online Jobs in Pakistan

Data Entry Jobs in Pakistan

For online data entry jobs in Pakistan and offline data entry jobs in Pakistan please visit the website mention below.

Apply now for Data Entry Jobs

Make Money with Neobux Ultimate Guide

Another great website which many people underestimate is Neobux and with some brain usage and patience any one can earn 30-35 USD daily but of course it needs some planning to do. Here are the two websites where you can find the Neobux Ultimate Guide both in English and Urdu language.

Top 10 Best PTC Websites in Pakistan

Payment Processors

First of all you need payments processors in order to get money from these websites like you have ordinary bank account here in Pakistan. Most famous online payments processors are PayPal and Payza. So first open your accounts from links mention below.

Open Payza Account

Verify Paypal in Pakistan Free