Google Webmaster Tools is a great service by Google for webmasters and bloggers to monitor their site performance, traffic and optimize their website for Google search engine. Google is the largest search engine in the world and every webmaster will surly want to optimize his or her site for Google search engine to get maximum traffic. Like Google Webmaster Tools Yahoo, Bing and many other search engines have also Webmaster Tools service so that you can optimize your website according to their algorithms. You can always join Google Webmaster Tools with your Gmail E-mail address.

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What is Google Webmaster Tools?

As the name suggests its has lots of tools for webmaster to monitor their website performance in search results. You can check which search queries are getting you more traffic and which keywords have more significance in your blog. You can submit a sitemap of your website to Google in order to better indexing of your website. You can see a list of website which are linking towards your blog. Also you can see Crawl errors and 404 error(not found) pages of your website. These are some of the various features that Google Webmaster Tools will provide you.

Main features of Google Webmaster Tools.

1. Submit your website Sitemap to Google.
2. Notify you about Crawl Errors and Not-found pages.
3. Your Top Search queries.
4. Site which are linking you.
5. Notify you about Malware in your website and Blog Plenty.
6. You can set Preferred Domain, Crawl Rate and 301 Redirect.
7. Remove you website page totally from Google Search results.
8. Change URL parameters.
9. Generate Robots.txt file.
10. Geographic target your blog.

Create Google Webmaster Tools Account?

Creating Google Webmaster Tools account for your blog or website is very easy. All you need is a Gmail E-mail account and you are ready to go. Visit Google Webmaster Tools official page given below and sign-in with you Gmail username and password. if you don’t have Gmail E-mail account than signup for a new account free by visiting and than visit the URL below.

Visit Google Webmaster Tools official page

Verify your website in Google Webmaster Tools?

In order to see the various stats of your website or blog you have to verify your top level domain so that only you have access to the stat of your website. There are mainly three ways through which you can verify your blog or website.

1. Upload a File provided by Google into the main directory of your website.

2. Add a Meta code into the header section of your website.

3. Install All in one SEO plugin and enter code.

First option is the recommended option and most easy one too. After creating and signing-in into your GWT account just click on Add a site button and enter your blog or website URL. After that Google will provide you a unique HTML file with some code in it. Download the HTML file given by Google. You have to upload this file via Web based Control panel of your website or FTP program like Filezilla. After uploading a file click Verify button and your are done.

Second option is bit more complex for newbie people and required some HTML knowledge. But if you have no access to the root directory of your blog than this option is best for you. Again click on Add a site button and enter your blog URL. After that click on Alternative methods Tab and you will see 3 options. Click the radio button of Add a meta tag to your site’s home page and you will see a unique Meta tag code. Copy this code and open your blog Admin page and sign-in. Now click on Themes menu and than click on Editor link. On the right hand side you will see a editor with different pages listed right along it. Now click on header page link and enter Meta code in between the<head></head> tags. After that click on update button located at the bottom of the page. Now go to the Google Webmaster Tools account and click verify button. If you are afraid to edit the header code than third option is best for you.

Third option requires you to install a All in one SEO plugin which is only for WordPress blogs. You can Download and learn more about All in one SEO plugin for WordPress here. To start with click on Add a site button in Google Webmaster Tools and enter your blog URL. After that you will see a File upload method. Click on Alternate methods and than click Add a meta tag to your site’s home page. Google will display a unique Meta code for you blog, copy it, go to the Admin page of your blog and Sign-in. Now download and install the All in one SEO plugin. After installing the plugin activate it and go to the settings page by clicking on All in one SEO link from Settings Menu. Paste the Meta code in the Additional Home Headers text box and click Update Options button. Go back to the Google Webmaster Tools and click on Verify button.