Facebook is the number one social networking website with over 800 million active users across the world. Its very good idea that your promote your website or blog on Facebook and attract visitors towards your blog free or in very low cost. You can promote your blog by creating Facebook Fan page, adding Facebook Like button on each of your blogs page, Automatically post each article of your blog on your Facebook Fan-page and last but not least create your ow profile and add friends related to your field. But some time we add too many friends without even notice that this profile is real/active or not. You an any time unfriend each friend by visiting his or her profile and fro the left menu click on unfriend and click OK button.
invite delete facebook friends
But if you have lets say 5000 friends in Facebook and you want to unfriend as many as 1000 inactive friends than its very difficult and time consuming process for you to visit each and every profile of inactive friend and unfriend for the left side menu. But now a days you can find many browser script which can do all these hectic jobs for you in less than a minute. All you have to do is to install the 100% safe script in your browser and select which friends to unfriend and job done.

How to Mass Unfriend Facebook Friends?

1. As i said earlier its very easy to Mass Unfriend Facebook friends. If you have Google Chrome install in your system than just install this script and your are done. But if you have Mozilla FireFox install in your computer than first you have to install Greasemonkey add-on for Firefox and than install the above mention script.

install facebook friends delete script

2. After install the script login to your Facebook account and visit this Page.

3. Click the down arrow to the left of ‘Facebook Delete Friends’.

mohsin internet khazana admin facebook profile

4. Tick people whom you don’t want to delete.

5. Click the “Highlight” button to test it out if you want to be confident before doing the actual delete.

6. It will only delete users which are loaded on the current page. If you have lots of friends, go to the bottom of the page to load them first.

Similarly Invite Mass Facebook Friends.

You can also invite unlimited number of people to be your friends if they have join the same application as you have. By installing the script you will see a bulk request button in the requests page. In the invite box of any application, it will display a link to refresh the list of friends who have this application and then select them in the invite box.

1. Install the software by visiting this link. Again if you for FireFox users you have to install Greasemonkey add-on for Firefox in order to install this script.

2. Once you have install the script visit any game or application page which you have join earlier and click on Bulk Add Everyone Here.

3. Set the time difference to 10 seconds and do not add friends too quickly as Facebook ban profiles which add or delete friend too fast.

how to invite unlimited friends to facebook