Its good to see people are rushing through to blogging industry as now its a multi-billion dollar industry and lots of bloggers have achieve there goals in less than 5 years. You can fulfill all your desires via blogging but for this you have to be very consistent and hardworking. Its very easy to buy and step your blog on both blogger and WordPress now a days with so much widgets and plugins options. Both blogger and WordPress are highly SEO friendly blogging platforms so the only thing remain which needs to grab your attention is blog post optimization. Not many people realize that this is very important and without Blog Post Optimization its impossible to rank higher in search results.

blog post optimization

Title of Blog Post.

Title in a blog post is just like a head in human body. When ever we see other person we always first look at the face of that person to identified the person. Same is the case with Title of any blog post. Both search engines and visitors first see the title of any blog post so its very important that your post Title must be relevant to the content and at the same time attractive enough to attract the visitors. I have seen many blog with very long Titles with some times looks ugly. Always try to write specific and short Title so that it looks beautiful too. Also its very important that your write important keywords of your post in the Title and if possible start the Title with the keyword.

Permalink of Blog Post.

Permalink is the link of your blog post and by default Permalinks are a collection of digits rather than words. If you want your blog post to be visible in search results than it should have keyword rich and humanly readable. If you haven’t optimize your blog permalink yet go and first change it from numbers to some thing like category and Title. It best for both search engines and readers to understand the nature of blog post if it is written in words rather than digits.

keywords of Blog Post.

Although these tags are not visible to humans but its very important for search engines as they try to guess that what is going to be happen in your blog post. Also when ever somebody search these keywords in search engines your site will be properly indexed and show on that particular search result page. Now you don’t have to be greedy and put 10 to 20 keywords in your header tags. Always try to put round about 5 relevant keywords in your blog header tags.

Description of Blog Post.

Description is the brief introduction of your blog post and it is shown by search engines in the result page of particular keyword. Visitors can easily guess after reading your blog description that what will happen in the post and they decide based on your blog description that they visit your blog or not. So its very important that you write relevant as well as interesting description in order to attract visitors.

Body of Blog Post.

Last but least is the Body of your blog post. No matter what you do blog post is the thing which matters in the end. If you have just copy pasted content from other blogs and don’t add your flavor in it than you are wasting your time. People don’t want to read same topic with same flavor again and again. You have to add your point of view and make it interesting by answering some of the most demanding questions by readers. make your post as readable as possible and try to use less advertisements in between posts. Add at-least one relevant image in between posts and add videos if your are creating tutorials. Add alt tag in the image URL’s and put relevant keywords into it. Use your main keywords in each and every paragraph of posts but don’t over put too many keywords as it is called keyword stuffing by search engines and they don’t like it.