How to Verify Paypal Account in Pakistan

How to Verify Paypal Account in Pakistan where its officially not allowed to open and verify accounts. We all know the importance of it and without this top payment processor we are left behind with only 20% of market share. All major internet business companies, webhosting providers, Affiliate marketers and advertising companies use this payment processor and without it we can only see and wish when it will be available in Pakistan. I have also receive many Emails regarding how to verify Paypal account in Pakistan and till then my answer was no. But today i am going to tell you an easy way through which you can open and verify Paypal account in Bangladesh and Pakistan.

how to verify paypal account in pakistan via virtual credit card
Its amazing that most of the countries present in the list of not allowed countries are Muslim countries and all of these countries like Pakistan, Iran, Egypt, Afghanistan and Bangladesh when all combine together have more than 70 million people in it. All these countries are no way small countries are otherwise economically not profitable for big company like Paypal. So we can’t understand why they are not providing services in these countries even at this era where everything is possible.

Why should we verify Paypal account.

For those how don’t know much about Paypal let me tell you that its an e-currency based company which buy and sell currency and take commission in the process. When you buy some thing online from some website you can pay that website via this payment processor and similarly when you work online for someone than you can receive money from them via Paypal in Pakistan. You can anytime open account free with any country selected in it. But the problem is that you cannot receive and send money through your account unless you verify it via some bank account or credit card. Also people only receive and send money to only verified Paypal account so that they can protect there accounts because if you send money to unverified account they may limit your account any time.

What is Virtual Credit Card?

The only way through which you can verify Paypal account in Pakistan or any other banned country is via Virtual Credit Card. Now what the hell is Virtual Credit Card. Virtual Credit Cards are just like ordinary credit cards and issued to real persons but there is no physical card. These cards are mainly issued to protect your real credit card so that you can purchase products online via Virtual Credit Card and no one can know your real credit card number. You can purchase everything from these cards and also verify your Paypal account with these cards. There are lots of websites selling Virtual Credit Cards online, all you have to do is signup free with your real information. Some sites require you to verify your local debit card some require you to pay the amount of Virtual Credit Cards via Western Union, Webmoney, Money Gram or via Liberty reserve. Virtual Credit Card amount varies from 14 dollars to 240 dollars.

Buy Virtual Credit Card Now

How to verify Paypal account in Pakistan.

There is no rocket science involve when you got your Virtual Credit Card. You can get Virtual Credit Card of any country so purchase a card of country which is available in the Paypal safe list. Remember not to choose a country like Saudi-Arabia which only supports withdrawal means no one can send you money. It is recommended that you choose USA as your country. Now be careful when you are going to register your Virtual Credit Card. Only use English name, real address, street name and postal code. You can get USA name, address, postal code from this website.[link]

After registering your Virtual Credit Card create a PayPal account with the same name, address, postal etc. All information must match 100% otherwise you may any problem. Now verify your account by giving your Virtual Credit Card details in Paypal and wait for 2 to 3 business days. Paypal will send a small amount in your credit card with some code related to that transaction. You have to login in your Virtual Credit Card account and see your statement. In your statement you will see a Paypal transaction with that code. Now copy that code and open your Paypal account. Go to the Credit card section and enter verification code. Congratulations you have successfully verified your Paypal account.

Some tips after Verifying Paypal account.

1. First of all you can use your verified Paypal account to purchase any product online but some big companies may still not accept your transaction via this account. These companies include very famous webhosting provider company yes guys i know you are disappointed but its fact you cannot buy webhosting from Godaddy via your Paypal account if it is verified via Virtual credit card.

2. After verifying your account don’t use it for 3 to 4 days.

3. Never use any proxy to create your Paypal account or for any other purposes.

4. Always clear your browser cache before doing any transaction and after you done you transaction.

5. Always pay amount to a verified and trusted users. Never try to pay or receive from an unverified user.

6. If some one has scam you or make you fool, don’t ever try to claim your money because if you claim your money Paypal will verify both accounts and in your case they will immediately limit your account.

7. Never withdraw all you money from your account. Always leave 5 to 10 dollars in your account.

8. Never transact big amount of money i mean greater than 1000 US dollars.

How to withdraw money from Paypal.

Now after all the hard work you are wondering how can we withdraw money from Paypal account because its verified via Virtual Credit Card and we have no such card to withdraw money. To solve this problem you have to create Alertpay account, thankfully they support Pakistan and you can open Alertpay account anytime Free of cost. Now you have to again verify your account but this time Alertpay account via your Virtual Credit Card. The process is same and it may take 3 to 4 business days to verify. After that transfer all your money from Paypal account to your Virtual Credit Card and from this card to your Alertpay account. You can easily withdraw all your money straight into your local bank account via wire-transfer. So all above mention steps are lengthy but this is the only option and we have to rely on this.

  1. mouadh says:

    thank’s so much Mr. Mohsin.
    Muadh from Algeria

  2. Muhammad Azeem says:

    This tips not working please tell me new tip.

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      This tip is working fine that’s why its published. There is also another trick but for this you need website. You can verify PayPal account via Payoneer Visa Debit Card also which can be obtained by applying for Infolinks account via your website.

      • kashif says:

        bhai is ther any trick else to verify paypal account

        • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

          Kashif if you have a website than you can apply for Payoneer card via Infolinks and after you get your card you can use it to verify PayPal account.

  3. Ali says:

    i want to knw that how can i transfer money from paypal to alertpay?

  4. Ali says:

    but if we search there are many result shows regarding this so i want to confim you that is there any legal way or not???

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Ali there is no legal way yes if you have relatives in PayPal supported country than you can create account from Pakistan and ask your relative to verify it.

      • Irfan Ali says:

        Helow waheed.
        I love your blog your blog is really great.
        According to your suggestion. I got my payoneer card via infolinks.
        And now i have created paypal account using fakenamegenerator but as you mentioned in the post that when you verify your paypal account you provide all the same details in payoneer card and paypal account eg. Name, adress etc.
        But my paypal account details are different and the name on my card is irfan which is different then paypal name where the name is fake usa person.
        Now what should i do to verify my paypal account.
        Can i use this card to verify paypal.

  5. kunle says:

    what about ip issue?

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      No IP issue as many friends of mine are using Paypal this way and have never face any problem.

  6. Irfan says:

    OMG! Did i really read that – PayPal in Pakistan.

    I mean this is a million dollar news for each and every Pakistanies who work online; you said it well without PayPal one who work online loose maximum percentage from their income.

    I hope with this million dollar news, people living in Pakistan will get relief.

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Irfan although this method is not endorsed as its not a legal way but those people who cannot live without PayPal may use this option. Virtual credit cards are easily available from 1000 to 2000 rupees and than with the help of these you can easily verify PayPal account. I hope this post may help some new comers.

  7. Safwan says:

    At last i can breathe some fresh air!

  8. Rizwan Sultan says:

    Great tips Mohsin it’s really good for me if I get success in Paypal working in Pakistan I apply for Payoneer signup and hope your tips help me.

  9. chalermchai says:

    hi i’m not live in pakistan. can i use your tips with my country (thailand).

  10. asad says:

    a trick another app google per write kro google in america then home page per america ka search engine show hoga location sett kro aor

  11. farhan says:

    Hello i need your help mr mohsin actually i am working on fiverr so i have no any other option to withdraw without paypal and fiverr don’t allow to change paypal email address again they always send payment to 1 account which we used for 1st withdraw so i need paypal badly, my question is if i verify my paypal through virtual credit card then if in future paypal will limit my account then how can i remove that as i told you i can’t change paypal so can i use that virtual paypal account forever??

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      That’s the key here farhan that you have to use your account very clearly otherwise its more than 50% chances that your account will be blocked. I have already mention the pre-cautions in the article so you better read them.

  12. Ahmad says:

    Mohsin do you know any website where I can buy virtual credit card by paying through Moneybookers? Thank you.

  13. Ahmad says:

    Mohsin do you know how can we cash international cheques in Pakistan? And what are the charged to cash it? I’ll really appreciate it. Thank you.

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Just submit your cheque in your local bank account and they will send it back to the international bank for verifying. The bank changes for this transaction is $5 only.

  14. Ahmad says:

    Salam Mohsin. I wanted to ask that if I use UBL Wiz card just to verify my identity and get free Adwords/Adcenter voucher or anything else similar where I’m not actually using the money, does it count as a transaction and cost me 300 rupees?
    One more thing, does the UBL Wiz card work on 2CheckOut? I want to sign up for it. Thank you.

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      When ever you use card and enter your card number for verification it will count as transaction and you have to pay charges.

  15. vop says:

    how to get virtual card?

  16. Ata says:

    No more posts for a long time, still paypal verifies account by virtual credit card? how to get one from a reliable source? please adivse.

  17. irfan ali says:

    sir kia me askari bank me account khulwasaktaa hoo payza ke account ke liye

  18. m.nasir says:

    a.o.a me ny 1 gmail account sy payza ka account bnanya that . phir ek 2nd gmail id sy bhi try ke to ye again nhi ban rha. or mery lap top per payza bilkul nhi open ho rha plz is ka koe hal btay.thans

  19. Fouzia Hussain says:

    sir, maray Newbox kay referal apni payment receive kernay kay liya mara paypal ka account day saktay hain?

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