Top 10 Google Adsense Alternatives

Google Adsense no doubt is the leading PPC(pay per click) advertising company and gives you the highest possible click rates. But the problem is that people underestimate Google Adsense and deal it like ATM machine. They forgot that in order to earn money from Adsense you have to follow some serious rules and regulations and if you not follow Google Webmaster quality guidelines than Google will ban your Adsense account. You may appeal to Google to reinstate your Adsense account but 99% chances are that Google will not lift ban. Also you cannot apply for Google Adsense account again if your Adsense account banned.

top 10 google adsense alternatives

Top 10 Google Adsense Alternatives

So what next, is this the end of world or there are some Adsense alternatives through which you can earn money if not as much as you were earning from Adsense but some thing which may produce much income to carry on with this profession. There are lots of Google Adsense alternatives on internet but it is very difficult to choose between them as provide very low click rates and some of them will convert your site into junk. So its very important that you choose PPC program which gives you enough money as well as maintain your blog design quality.

Here is a list of Top 10 Google Adsense Alternatives in Pakistan.


Infolinks perhaps the most easy and advanced PPC program after Google Adsense. I have personally use it and found good results. They have very unique inline text based advertisement system which is very innovative and consumes zero advertising space which means you can add one or two more advertising program with them without compromising on you blog design. Payment options include Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard, Paypal and Bank Wire. Best option for Pakistani bloggers is Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard which is directly mailed at your door step once you confirm your account. Payoneer will charge 35 dollars one time card fee from your Infolinks balance. Also they will deduct 2 dollars service charges every month from your Infolinks account. Minimum payout is 50 dollars which is good for newbie bloggers.


AdHitz is a subsidiary company of ClixSense Inc which is very reputable PTC website. The best part i like about this site is that they pay you via Alertpay and Paypal with low payout limit of only 25 dollars. Click rates are also good and you can set your own ad rate price upto 0.11 dollar per click. Site approval process is quick and they process payments on first of every month. Payments than send to your Alertpay or PayPal accounts within 10 days.


Clicksor is another great PPC program which pays 85% commission back to publishers which is very high. Deploying ads is very simply just register a free account and give details about your blog. Click on Ad-setup and choose which type of ad you want to display on your website. Unlike Google Adsense you only have to put one Java Script on your blog and you are ready to go. They have multiple ads format like Text Links, Image Ads, Flash Ads, Animation Ads, Banners, Pop under, Interstitial Ads, Dynamic (DHTML) highlighting etc. They only pay via Paypal, Bank-wire and Check so the payment options are not as good as you like. Minimum payout for Paypal and check is 50 dollars and for wire-transfer is 1000 dollars.


Kontera is another PPC program much like Infolinks inline contextual ads discussed earlier. Kontera is not new in this field and some years ago they were very strict in terms of accepting new websites but now they are accepting even newer sites. Kontera is very easy to use and deploying ads code is very easy. If you have WordPress or Blogger blog than you can install there widgets and no need to add code manually. They pay via Paypal, Check and Wire-transfer. Again minimum payout is 50 dollars for Paypal and check.


Bidvertiser is highly recommend for small blog owners as they provide very similar ads like Google Adsense and very easy to use. Account applications are approved within 24 hours and you are ready to go. Bidvertiser not only provides PPC ads but also if visitors buys any thing via your blog than they will give you additional bonus which is very good. Also they have Revenue Generating Toolbar, XML feeds ads option and very good affiliate program through which you can refer webmaster sand earn commission. They pay via PayPal, Check and Wire-transfer. Payout via PayPal is only 10 dollars which is i think the lowest in the market.


I remember when Chitika was launched lots of hype was created that it is a real Google Adsense alternative but some what they have disappoint us. Initially they were not accepting application from new bloggers but now they have seems to settle down. Chitika ads are very unique and a small image is also displayed along side text links which is very nice feature. Although they accept low traffic sites but i have seen that ads are not available if your blog traffic is low. They have ads options like List Unit, Mobile Code and Pay per call Ads. Chitika pays via Paypal and Check. They also have very low payout of only 10 dollars for Paypal and 50 dollars for Check in the market.


AdBrite give you the power to select which ads you want to display on your site by auto approval or by manual selection. This is the reason that some of your might not comfortable with AdBrite as they have not a verity of PPC ads. You have to set your own ads rate and approve ads too. They give 75 % commission back to publishers. AdBrite has only one payment solution and that is check which is very disappointing. Also you payment will be processes after 60 days means if you have earn your 100 dollar in the month of December you will be paid in the month of March. Payout is 100 dollars for check although you can set lower limit but it will cost your more as banks will deduct 5 dollars from this amount.


Again inline text advertisement system much like Infolinks and normal text link ads. They take 50% commission what you earn so your earning may not be high as you would like. Also they cannot accept each and every site, so make sure before applying that your blog has enough traffic on it. This program can be used with other program and they pay via PayPal only. Payments are sent every in first week of every month. The best thing about Intellilinks payout is that they have no payout limit which is very attractive.


AdBull also provides publishers a great ability to make money from there blog. They have also very easy signup process and accept websites with in 24 hours. The ads are much like text links ads as well as image ads. After generating code put it on your blog pages and ads are instantly displayed. They only pay via check or Paypal and minimum payout for both is 100 dollars which is quite high as compare to others. Payments are eligible to pay after 45 days and paid in the first week on each month. AdBull also have referral program in which you can refer this program to others and earn money.


Dynamic Oxygen is relatively new in this field but they have also very good advertisements system. Ads are very close to your blog niche and one of the most advanced ads Interstitial, Layer Ads, Peeler Ads, Anchor Ads, Image ads etc. The best thing about Dynamic Oxygen is there excellent support not like Google Adsense support. They pay via Paypal, check and wire transfer. Minimum payout via Paypal and Check is 50 dollars. Payment s are sent in the first week of every month.

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  1. abhay says:

    google suspended my account i am using now
    and i am doing great.

  2. raja koppula says:

    AdBrite is the top alternative for AdSense as it also provides media-rich ads with different dimensions, but it has a very low CPC rate.
    Chitika has a better CPC than AdBrite but it doesn’t provide media-rich ads like image or flash banners. If you consider rich ads to be displayed on your site, you should go with AdBrite. If you consider CPC rate, use Chitika.
    I’ll also recommend you to use both the services and compare them to figure out the best one for you.

    • Mohsin Ali says:

      I recommend Infolinks which has improved over the years and now becomes the second best option for Adsense alternative.

  3. atif says:

    Great Article. I have just started infolinks to my site. Let’s see what will be the result?:-)

  4. Kuldeep @ Cool Tricks says:

    Mainly I see people opting for Infolinks,BuySellAds and Adbrite. But still, no one can beat google. Nice share.

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Yes Kuldeep infolinks is getting popular day by day and they pay via Visa Debit card which is very easy method to redeem.

  5. Naeem Aziz says:

    Well explained but I have one question and question is can we use multiple service at the same time on same site?

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Yes you can use other services with Google Adsense which are compliant to Adsense policies and may not look like Google Ads. For example you can use infolinks, Chitika with Adsense at a time.

  6. waseem says:

    infolinks rejected me what i do.
    Help me

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Waseem they only accepts top level domains. Buy cheap domain name in just $2(read my article) and redirect your blogger blog to that domain and then apply.

  7. Ammar @ Free Premium Themes says:

    Hi Mohsin,
    As you know adsense is not approving me. Than i used Intext ads (Infolinks). But i need ad networks just like adsense. What would you highly recommend which works like adsense!

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Ammar nothing works like Adsense but Chitika is good option and they pay via Paypal and check so you may try it.

  8. Martin @ LA SEO_Expert says:

    These are truly the best alternatives !! Cheers

  9. mahipal @democraticpaper says:

    great post man
    i have been earning a little from google but as you have give more options i will use them
    thanks for this information

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      No doubt that adsense is the king of pay per click marketing but slowly but surly new advertising agencies are getting into market. Like infolinks is getting more and more popular day by day and almost all new bloggers are using it with or without adsense.

  10. Usman says:

    None of the above is even new to what Google Adsense provides .. not even half of it..

  11. Bishwajeet @Comptalks says:

    Nice list, but the main problem is that none of them will pay you even half of what Google Adsense will pay.

  12. sohail says:

    I have 50 dollar in my infolinks account but i don’t know how to withdraw this money in Pakistan please help me..

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Have you request your Payoneer Prepaid Visa Master card if not than apply for it and when you receive it than you will be able to withdraw money from it via ATM machines.

  13. sohail says:

    Payoneer prepaid visa master card is it free?

  14. iDailyTips says:

    In my opinion top 3 best Adsense alternatives are following
    1) Buysellads
    2) Bidvertiser
    3) Direct advertisement

    I don’t know why you put Infolinks on the top, it was great a year ago but no its going down day by day.

  15. isfahan says:

    I am Thankful for this helpful information. I would like to work with a company who offers job of online Ad-posting. but there are also a lots of scam sites who asks for money. so please help me out if you can. please provide me some realistic web sites address regarding in this matter who offers online ad-posting jobs.

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Isfahan the best place to find Ad-posting jobs is freelancing websites like, etc.

  16. Cindy says:

    One name that is not on your list is – I have heard some good things about this, not quite as good as adsense but better than infolinks.

    It may be a little more difficult to be accepted and you need to have a good site.

  17. Shahzad Bashir says:

    Smart job ! you have provided sufficient information for tolerating this shock that a number of people get after getting ban on their account. I have never applied Adsense for my blog but I know the rules and parameters are very strict. Any how thanks for sharing and I’ll obviously be right here again.

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Shahzad Bashir i have checked your blog and you are doing great job. Just keep carry on your good work and after you have 500 daily unique visitors on your blog than apply for Adsense.

  18. Khawar Saeed says:

    Nice Working Mohsin,
    I really appreciate & inspired from your research & article/blog writing skills and your daily traffic and earnings,
    thumbs up mohsin

  19. abdullah adil says:

    aoa,thanks to provide right knowledge, after read complete article and views, finally i confused which website is best for ads, i m confuse b/w chitika and kindly suggest me. thanks

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Chitika is best if you have traffic from USA and UK other wise you will not earn decent money from this. You can also go for Infolinks.

  20. abdullah adil says:

    thanks for reply , i am from Pakistan city Karachi, right now i m using ad brite but finally i feel it’s not suitable for earning in Pakistan , its very LOW CPC rate,KLINDLY SUGGEST ME EXCEPT INFOLINK ,

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Abdullah again it all depends on traffic quality because all these websites have foreign advertisers and if you have local traffic on your blog than its very difficult to earn from these adsense alternatives.

  21. abdullah adil says:

    thanks for reply , i m from Karachi , right now i m using ad brite since last two weeks , but i m not satisfied with CPC rate , and also ad brite maturity time is 60 days , so finally i decide to change and shift to another website , kindly suggest me any other best website for Pakistani people to earn money through ads without any hesitation ,and another question is i want to work with info link and another ads web site , is it possible work with two website at a time ,reply me please and again thanks

  22. abdullah adil says:

    MOhsin Bhai kindly tell me where i paste the info link code on my word press website, i just install info link plugin on word press, but still i confused where i paste the embedded code, kindly help me , thanks.

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      You don’t need to add code when you install the plugin. Just enter your infolinks ID in the infolinks settings in wordpress and that’s it.

  23. Muhammad Ali says:

    It’s really hard to get into these systems, I’ve tried some of them but they are not effective as much as Google is, though we don’t have any option left when our AdSense gets blocked (third time). I’ve used AdBrite, Infolinks, both are very slow.

  24. isfahan says:

    as salam o aailaqom
    Mohsin I am going to launch my site Insha-Allah in a few days.
    Content and Article is based on a Sexual health of men and sexual health of women. this is a forum based web-site where people can also ask questions from Doctors for their medical issues and problem regarding health. this is not an adult or porn site. so can I apply for Google Adsense Account on behalf of my site? please help

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      As long as your websites meet the quality guidelines of Google webmasters guidelines like don’t publish porn or sexy photos, Don’t publish illegal ways of treatment/drugs etc you will be fine.

  25. isfahan says:

    AS salam o aailaqom
    I am launching my site in a few days. Contents and Articles on my site related to sexual health. info about health. online answers and online doctor. I would like to know can I apply for Google Add sense on behalf of my web-site.please help.
    and also suggest me about a good hosting service. which hosting service is better?

  26. isfahan says:

    Thanks very much for your Reply. I am very thankful to you…jazakallah

  27. Shalu Sharma says:

    Adsense is very good but also some of the other alternatives. Infolinks is good as well although pay is pretty much poor but not bad.

  28. Aftab Alam says:

    Dear Mohsin is it possible that a new blogger from pakistan wth original and quality contents and enough traffic is approved for adsense do u know any body from Pakistan who has been approved after October 2011 crack down?

  29. Ali says:

    I see your post about Adsense alternative. But Mohsin this alternative not high paying networks, adsense is best way for large number of dollars making .

  30. Aftab says:

    Dear mohsin thanks for ur reply i hv few more questions i hope ur expert opinion will help me out,
    1. is it possible earning from youtube in Pakistan? u personally know any body from Pakistan who is affiliate marketer ?
    does amazon associate works n Pakistan? has any body received checks from amazon using their affiliate program?

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Aftab you cannot ear from YouTube in Pakistan. Its possible to earn from amazon and you will receive your check at your home address. I don’t know if some one is earning from affiliate marketing because no one tells you that he earns from this.

  31. adnan nawab says:

    100% verified google adsense account for sale in pakistan.
    First check your account then pay
    Only 500 Ruppes through easy paisa

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  32. Adil khan says:

    Infolinks has approved my account today but there are no ads on my website how do i put ads on my blog plzz reply.

  33. Adil khan says:

    Infolinks has appeared the inline text but without ads.

  34. Adil khan says:

    but infolinks only has inline text thats why i dont like it i want ads like google adsense

  35. Adil khan says:

    Plzzz tell me tha ad networks having ads like google adsense i want images ads.

  36. Adil khan says:

    Can any one suggest me free software or tools for blog design.

  37. Isfahan says:

    I would like to purchase domain .com in pakistan karachi. please tell me about Good web hosting service in pakistan. which is the best web hosting ?
    and second question is can I apply for Google adsense with .com domain

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Please tell me that what is your budget because if you are serious about blogging than i will suggest you to buy hosting from America. Pakistani web hosting services sucks and they will irritate you when you got some traffic.

  38. Isfahan says:

    I have one more question still Google is approving adsense account for pakistanis?

  39. Isfahan says:

    I am Thankful for your quick reply. My budget is Rs.2000 T0 2500 for domain & hosting. Please suggest me what should I do? I know the name of Us- based hosting services like Blue Host– Host Gator—I page— Host monster—-In motion I know about this above us based companies . but the problem is mode of payment. I have to pay through Alert-pay or pay through any other credit card. and write know i don,t have alert pay and credit card.

  40. Isfahan says:

    Finaly I will follow your instructions and if you will suggest hosting service from usa or if you will suggest to enhance in budget I will increase my hosting budget from Rs.2500 and one more thing how much Bandwith is enough for my site. some companies or providing 10 Gb bandwith and some providing 25Gb bandwith. My website is for commercial purpose. (Website of Surgical devices and sexual health clinic) Inshaallah hopefully every day numerous of visitors will access my site so please suggest me also Bandwith package?

  41. Isfahan says:

    Hi. do you have any idea about Ipage hosting service??? Ipage hosting is us based

  42. Aftab Alam says:

    Dear Mohsin in your opinion which on is the best option for pakistani affiliate markers clickbank or amazon? how can one from pakistan create a membership website? i mean the payment processor bcz paypal dont work in pakistan is their any workable solution in ur mind?

  43. Kameko says:

    Thank you for the list.
    It would be easy to follow if you have given links for the respective websites.
    Anyway nice efforts.

  44. isfahan says:

    You have suggested me for web hosting. So please tell me about this company is it a reliable company? I mean can I pay in advance to this company? do you have any experience about this company..
    The hosting package of Mr.Host is very economical they are providing 2Gb space with 15Gb bandwith in Rs.1500.
    But in karachi Hosting companies are charging More than Rs. 2500 for this package.

  45. Isfahan says:

    I would like to ask that I have launched my website in August 2012 should I have to apply for Google Adsense. is it a right time to apply ? or Google is approving Accounts in Pakistan?

  46. isfahan says:

    Please advice me which is the best Ad-sense program ?

  47. zaheer says:

    sir, My clicksor account have 170 dollar but i don’t know how to withdraw clicksor check in karachi..Please help

  48. asifashahid says:

    thats great post for new bloggers i will try this one.thanks.

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