In 2011 Google Panda is the most described thing for bloggers and webmasters. Google the leading search engine in the world try to improve its search results by updating its algorithms which eventually decide which website to show on the first page of the certain keyword. In the beginning of 2011 the biggest problem for Google was to tackle with copy cats and auto generated blogs and that’s why Google updated its algorithms and named that as Google Panda. Unfortunately Google Panda have also effects many legit bloggers and content writers but at the same time its the end of copy paste bloggers. Now if you want to survive in this race you have to generate unique and quality content.

Recover from Google Panda Effect

What is Google Panda?

As we have said earlier that its the algorithm by Google to improve search engine results. You can see your traffic drop in Google Webmaster Tools if your blog is hit by this algo. Before this update you may have seen many auto generated websites was on top of the the original content generated websites in search results. But thanks to Google Panda Effect that now you can see the improvement in the search results and now only quality websites are shown on top of the search results. Below are some of the few factors of Google Panda.

  • It is only a Top level domain penalty.
  • Your small and cheap quality posts can drop overall your blog ranking.
  • Google only trust quality and unique websites.
  • Panda only lowers down low quality websites in search results.
  • On-site SEO becomes very important now.
  • Article quality becomes now a major factor.
  • Specific Niche based sites are better than general website.
  • Social-Bookmarking works great as ever.

Why you are effected by Google Panda.

If you are a new blogger than its easy for you to learn the new search engine practices and try to avoid things which will make your blog poor but if you are an old blogger and your site is effected by Google Panda than its time for you to know that why your blog is effected. Here are some few tips which will tell you how your blog is effected by this algorithm.

  • Blog with very little content. (less than 100 articles)
  • Blog with very small articles. (less than 300 words)
  • Too many small articles. (more than 1000 articles of less than 300 words)
  • Duplicate Content Pages.
  • No proper SEO of your blog.
  • Too many Java script codes or Advertisements.
  • Grammatical and spelling mistakes.
  • Slow loading websites.
  • Lots of broken links. (404 error pages)
  • Sites linking to junk or spam websites.

How to recover from Google Panda Effect.

Quality Content.

This thing is described so many times on internet but some how bloggers are not picking this and that’s why so many bloggers are fallen short. Let me explain you how this will work for you. Lets says that you found ten websites of same topic and 9 of those website have ordinary post but 1 website has very detailed post which nearly covering all aspects of that particular topic. Now i am sure that you will gave preference to the site which has long and detailed article and like to share it with your friends too. So if you don’t like short articles than people will also not like your short articles. So keep in mind that writing detailed articles with interesting and quality content is very necessary for you in order to recover from Panda effect.

Remove Duplicate Content.

The biggest problem with WordPress blogs is that WordPress generates duplicate content natively so if you will not tackle this problem you will be in deep trouble sooner or later. There are lots of plugins which will easily NoIndex your duplicate pages so that search engines won’t index these pages. You can read my post on how to remove Duplicate content from your blog. Also try to remove low quality and small articles which contain nothing but space. Its very necessary that your blog articles should be informative for readers and detail enough to inspire the search engine bots.

Learn Search Engine Optimization.

Its not enough that you write long article with out proper SEO. You have to learn both types of Search Engine Optimization which are On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. Also learn keyword research, optimization and density so that your posts should not look like spammy or full of keywords. Try to create one way back-links from related and high page rank websites. Make sure that you have set up your blog Robots.txt and .htaccess files. Read my article on how to create Robots.txt and htaccess files.

Buy Premium Themes.

Unfortunately nearly 90% of the free themes available on internet contains some sort of malicious code which are hidden inside your theme files. If in future search engines caught that code in your website than they will immediately block your website from showing up in search results. Also free themes are not professional looking and have very less features. Premium themes let you customize your blog design as well as more SEO friendly than free themes.

Use Social Media.

If some how you are not getting traffic from search engines than there is another medium which can give you free traffic without having to worry about panda update or what ever. Social Media is still the powerful medium and Google plus is the most powerful media came to existence in recent times. No matter what other do to rank higher if you have submitted your article via Google Plus your friends will see that article on the first page of that particular keyword.

Stop Selling links and Paid Reviews.

Selling links on your blog will kill your blog eventually for few dollars. Now the its the time that you have to think long term and prevent your blog from things that search engines don’t like. Also if you write paid reviews on your blog than stop writing these posts if you want to gain some sort of respect in the eyes of search engines.

Use less Advertisements, Java Script Code.

Yes we know that without money blogging is nothing but if your blog is full of advertisements and visitor cannot differentiate between ad links and your blog navigation links than its not going to help your cause. Always try to make ads so that they look like ads not the part of your blog. Also try to remove or use less java-script code as it slows down the loading time of your site and hence Google panda will bring into action.