Every-time i met or chat with some young blogger he or she asks only one questions and that is how can we increase blogs organic traffic. Let me tell you one thing very clearly that its not the initial part of your blogging journey means before moving to this step you have to do some other thing like building a blog with unique and quality content, good blog design you should have deep knowledge of what you are going to share with your audience. If your blogs base is not good than how can you promote your blog and get organic traffic from search engines. People like to visit high quality websites which they want to revisit and share with there friends and family members.
boost your blogs organic traffic

1. Write Latest and Unique Content.

Its nearly impossible for every one to write content on unique ideas but yes you can write content according to your views and you can always add your angle either positive or negative in your articles. Also its very important that you write on latest topics which people want to read and share. If you are writing tutorials on simple plain HTML than no body will read your articles but if you write articles on HTML5 or on CSS3 than people will definitely take interest in your articles and share it with there friends too.

2. Be Consistent and Discipline.

These two words really telling the story of bloggers, Consistency and Discipline. If you write good quality content which catches the eyes of many people but guess what you are writing regularly than people will not follow you as they might thought that you are not serious about your blogging. Its not necessary that you write 2 or 3 posts daily or even write daily but writing at-least 4 to 5 articles in a week is recommended.

3. Interact with your Audience.

Your reader asks you a question and you just ignore it than guess what that visitor might not revisit your blog again and hence you lost fair amount of traffic. if a visitor revisits your blog chances are that he or she likes your blog and if any persons starts liking some thing he or she will definitely share it with there friends and hence more traffic.

4. Build a Social Network.

Its very unfortunate for newbie bloggers that they cannot compete for highly competition keywords like make money, credit cards etc. So how can newbie bloggers will find traffic for there blog. And the answer is from Social Network. Believe me or not 80% of the new bloggers are getting traffic from social networks and they are happy about it so why join and build social network today.

5. Keyword Research and Distribution.

As i said earlier that its very difficult to compete against the highly competed keywords so if you want to get more traffic from search engines than research for keywords that are not so popular or highly competed. You can always find these keywords from Google Adword keyword finder Tool. After you find your keyword its necessary that you put that keyword in your post Title, meta keywords and meta Description. This is called keyword distribution or keyword density.

6. Share your articles.

Internet traffic is widely spread in different portions like search engine, social networking and social bookmarking websites. So its very necessary that you share your articles on social bookmarking websites so that your articles can reach every possible human being. Try to add social bookmarking sharing icons before or after the articles so that people will easily share your content.

7. Link Baiting.

Its human nature that if you place many samples of one thing in front of them than he or she will choose only that thing which catches there eyes. Same thing is applied here in blogging field. If you have lots of interesting and useful content in your article but the article Title is not attract than visitor may not click on it in order to read it. So its very important that you always try to create content like lists and with some numbers in it like Top 10 wallpapers of Windows 7 etc.

8. Guest Blogging.

If you are the only blogger on your blog than at some point people may get bore with your articles because its human nature that they want to read some thing different every now and then. So it good to have more writers on your blog rather than one. One of the easiest way to handle this problem if Guest blogging. You an ask bloggers to write articles for your blog and in return you can gave than 2 do-follow back-links to there blog.

9. Tweak your blog Design.

If your blogs themes is 2 or 3 years old and its still using same old simple HTML and java script than its time for your blog tweak. After the introduction of HTML5 and CSS3 its very easy to tweak your blog so that it looks more professional. Also it bring new and fresh look into your blog and hence readers find it easy to happiness to revisit your blog.

10. Giveaways.

Last but not least give some free stuff on your blog. People always try to find some thing free on internet and if you gave them the opportunity to win some prize via giveaways than in return you ask them to share your blog with there friends so that your blog may get more popularity and hence more visitors.

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